Your first time in Poptropica World

This is my first post. Usually, when a person writes their first post, they’re excited, right?  Well, why should you be? It’s just a first post (for some, their last post. ) So, you wonder who I am? My name is Bony Catfish, but my username is Dr.FunTimesXD if you want to friend me.

NOte: We are NOT Poptropica itself nor have any relation to Poptropica

This website, the Poptropica World Blog, is not an official site of, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Poptropica, or Pearson Education/Family Education Network (makers of Poptropica). This is not the official Poptropica blog either; this is only a website which gives information about the online game Poptropica.

I’m a gamer girl. Anyway, comment below in the comment section down below. You can comment as guest, but put your poptropican name (ex. Silly Seashell) as your name. Catch ya later, poptropican reader.


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