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Hello guys my fellow Poptropicans. It is I, Bony Catfish, who shall present to you, this blog  Poptropica guide blog, made by a fellow Poptropican who made it all. 

Okay, Just Kidding. Enough of that talk now. Let’s get to business. I know some of you are poptropicans who know a lot of stuff, right? You know Poptropica from the beginning. Some of you, like me, know some stuff, but want to get deeper. It’s just like an apple. When you start eating that juicy, red apple, you want to get to the core. BOOM! You’re done. Okay, okay. REALLY, enough of that talk. Get to the real thing, please. 

Sorry. I was caught up with the moment. So anyway, when I was playing Poptropica  today, it got me in a trance wondering some “facts” and “knowledge” about Poptropica that I could know in the past for years (started playing in December 2010). I have photographic memory, by the way if you were wondering.



Did You Know…

  • That once Poptropolis Games Island sunk into the sea, if you were on the island or left for the blimp without landing on another island, you still were able to play the island?
  • That Poptropica.com was created by Jeff Kinney, creator of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, which is why there are two Wimpy Kid-related Islands?
  • That on Poptropica, a villain can’t be an official villain without a totem representing his or her evil?
  • Wimpy Boardwalk Island and Super Villain Island are the only islands to be sequel islands?
  • Sometimes, there is a glitch when you open your inventory and that your items will sometimes be multiplied?

Yeah, it sucks that there isn’t more. If you know anymore, please comment it in the comments section below, and I might just add it (keyword is might and if).

Next Post: History on Poptropica: Knowing your Poptropica history.


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