Contribute to have YOUR photos on the PMV

We are looking for pictures to use for the DEBUT PMV. If you would like to contribute, scroll down for more information.

Hey guys! This is BC here and I am going to make my DEBUT PMV today (the song is a surprise, so I can’t tell you the song featured in the video. Guess you have to watch.). However, I can’t  just use only MY pictures. I would like to use other pictures from YOU. So, if you have any pictures, just email us at and label the subject PICTURES FOR PMV, so I can get a quick reference. If you’re worried that I won’t credit your pictures, don’t worry. I will credit your pictures in the PMV credits and in the video description, so you DON’T have to worry. I will soon be posting this on my blog too, so we can get more pictures and contributors.

If you DO NOT have an email, then you can comment below and send it in a link. However, this will make my job to make PMVs harder, so I HIGHLY RECOMMENDyou DON’T do that. I guess you’re going to figure out in your own.

You can only have up to THREE (3) (sometimes TWO)  pictures in the video and only have four other users accepted. For example, if you send eight pictures, you will only have three (sometimes two) accepted. There are times when even ZERO pictures are accepted. These are sometimes why they aren’t accepted (read this so you won’t complain when I email back the pictures saying they aren’t accepted and why) (one of the three is why, although it can be two or all):

  1. The pictures sent are not illegible for the theme of the music video.  (this will  mostly be the reason)
  2. The pictures sent are irrelevant.
  3. The pictures are randomness and nonsence.
  4. The pictures sent are over or under the standards for the PMV
  5. Other

If they are not accepted, there’s always another time to contribute. You can contribute next time, right?

before sending in, you will need to know:

  1. Poptropica is a 6-15 year old game.
  2. Children are watching the PMV too, so don’t leave it too graphic
  3. Children are the main audience
  4. The game is Poptropica
  5. The song featured in any PMV are G-rated, and sometimes a little PG in it.

That’s pretty much it. Want to know the theme? The theme for the music video is *drumroll please*:


So, what’re waiting for? Send in pictures that are related to electric, and they will be in the video.


– Bony Catfish, PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR of PMV (Poptropica Music Video).

* Please send in your pictures to They will be reviewed by ME (BC)


One thought on “Contribute to have YOUR photos on the PMV

  1. You’re making it TODAY? That’s pretty fast and quick to make a music video. xD Anyways, this would be better if I had that robot dance power card…

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