Hi Dere!

Hi guys! I’m the new author around these parts, Magic Fire. But you can call me MF, Magic or whatever. I asked BC if I could join and she said yes!

I’m excited to be on here and what adventures await. XD Anyways, here’s some information about me for those who might not know me:

I have my own blog, The Poptropica Package. (Click dat please XD ) I also work on Top Pop and Poptropican Awesomeness. I have been playing Poptropica for about, I think 2 years. I have completed all the islands and my favorite one is Mocktropica. 🙂 I am a proud Nanobot (tiny pink robots 😛 ) and will always be! ;D I  EDM music and cheesecake also. XD I am 10 years old and I spend all my time on the internet until my dad storms into my room and yells at me to get off. 😛 I also enjoy to read and draw. My favorite subjects at school are math (because I’m good at it xD), orchestra and lunch. (My class always gets in trouble) I hate science because I can’t memorize anything and I just end up doodling 20 pages worth of paper. 😛 Oh, yes I’m also a muffin in disguise. But don’t tell anyone. :O And, yeah I can get pretty random at times. XD

I’m glad to be working on this blog and I’ll be sure to post whenever I get the chance to and that everyone here accepts me as an author! 😀

~Miss Muffin (my secret identity 😮 )

PS: Happy late birthday Bony Catfish! 😀


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