Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, but Windows Movie Maker was being slow on me again. Sorry for the problems that are in the video. I felt rushed so I needed it to get on YouTube.

The pictures were contributes by MF and SP (THX guys!). The song is “Popular” by Eric Saade. This was an entry for Eurovision 2011 and represented Sweden. It was placed 3rd in the Eurovision Song Contest.

So, like and comment on this video. We’re now accepting song requests for the NEXT PMV on Friday June 20. You can comment on this video, on the PWSP blog, or fill the form below. Don’t forget to subscribe!

However, there are some modifications in suggesting songs for the PMV-

  • The song must be appropriate and not contain swear words or inappropriate content ESPECIALLY in the lyrics and the message is positive. If it does but it has a ‘clean’ version, then please choose ‘yes’ in the contact form above.
  • If your song wasn’t chosen, then please don’t go on a rant.
  • Well I think that’s it. To read more, click here

I’ll choose a song which I think is the most suitable to be in the PMV on Friday (June 20), which means you can submit song suggestions till Thursday (June 19). -BC

P.S I’m hosting a party for the release of my first music video. If you want to come, please come. The code is CPB18 .


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