PMV #1 news and PMV #2 (Vote for your song)

Hey guys! I want to share an important post (title says all), good news, starting with PMV #1. Sorry this is a last minute notice, as I forgot about the PMV all this week. No One sent in any photos, but it’s my fault because I didn’t share the theme. I think I’m going to upload the PMVs every other week, so I won’t feel so rushed with getting the pictures and starting the video, but I guess I can’t now. I’ll also won’t feel so limited with time. So, starting next week, they will be in any other week, so there will be NO PMV published THIS week, but NEXT week. You will be able to send in song suggestions and contribute pictures (again, email them to I’m also making the video next week, so the 3rd one will be on the 11th of July. 

Okay, so here is some GOOD news from PMV #1:

The video is 45 views, with three likes and ZERO dislikes! It was also SO good, we had a LOT of positive comments (again, negative ZERO) and I got a LOT of song suggestions. These were via our YouTube and blog page.

So, we’re done with PMV #1. Now, on to #2. I’m so excited to talk about it. Again, there were a lot of song suggestions. However, I can’t pick one because it’s way too much, and I want my viewers to like it. So, the songs suggested are going to be voted on the poll. The poll will be closed on the 24th of June. Of course, this is by Majority Rules, which means the most votes for that song will be on the PMV (I might have added some songs into the poll). So, here is the poll below. Vote for your song here:

I will share the results on the 25th of June. Please, if you suggested a song and it’s not chosen, don’t go on a rant. Your appreciation is encouraged. You can send pictures AFTER June 25th, when the song is revealed and the theme is revealed. I will credit you, of course. 

– BC

P.S. If you don’t know what that song is, search it and listen to a preview of it. Then choose your vote.


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