The Song for PMV #2: REVEALED

Hey guys! I’ve just collected the results from the poll for which song you want in the PMV. As of now, the poll is closed, so if you wanted to vote, you now can’t. However, some were counted off for various reasons, mostly because they “advertised” people to vote their song choice or they voted for their own. This is a warning for future polls.

So, back to the votes. I will now reveal the winning song (drumroll please) *drumroll* *opens envelope*. So the winner is:

PSY- Gangnam Style 

This was the real winning song, but it broke one of the requirements. one, it has to be an ENGLISH ONLY SONG, as it has Korean in almost every part and the song has little English. And two, it has to have a positive and appropriate message and have no inappropriate words.  After translating the Korean and knowing the message, the song isn’t appropriate for PMV Standards, therefore, it is disqualified. So, the real winner had a tie with another song at first, but then it kind of trailed off a bit. So, the ACTUAL winner is *drumroll* *opens envelope*:

One Direction- One Way or Another

So, that was the winner of the song contest. Sorry if your song wasn’t chosen, but you get to suggest a song for PMV #3, which will be on July 11. Oh, and if you wanted to see the results of the vote, you can see them below, no particular order:

PSY- Gangnam Style- (6 votes)

The Vamps- Can We Dance (4 votes)

Imagine Dragons- It’s Time (1 vote)

Imagine Dragons- Monster (3 votes)

Imagine Dragons- Top of the World (3 votes)

Christina Aguilera- Fighter (0 votes)

Anton Ewald- Natural (0 votes)

One Direction- One Way or Another (5 votes)


bye then. I hope you’ll like the music video. By the way, I will not do any more contributes, so I will use my pictures.

– BC




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