Be ready, because we have a HUGE BANG coming our way….

We NOW have a 411 FORUM!

Yeppers, that statement was said done. We now have a forum. It was made from Fourmer, a forum hosting website. It’s all developed by me, Bony Catfish. However, if you want to post, you can be annoymous or register, but I suggest you register if you want to be a member, moderator, admin, etc. As a shortcut, we added it on the Blogroll for your convenience.

As a shortcut, you can find the forum in the blogroll.
As a shortcut, you can find the forum in the blogroll.

Wanna see the preview and what it looks like. Here it is, but we have to countdown….

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… AND A BIG, FAT ZERO! SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Here it is, a PREVIEW of some of what you will see:


A preview
A preview

And our pitch:

Are you a devoted Poptropica player looking to step in there and meet new people? Join our ever-growing community of hyper and random Poptropica players at the Poptropica 411 ForumsManaged by me, the Pop 411 Forum is a great hangout for Pop kids to get to know each other – and even better, there’s room for off-topic conversation!

Interested in being a member. It’s Free! Join today at and start your account. Some great features include:

  • Request Centers – Ask for Poptropica help or even get a talented artist to create some graphics for you!
  • Create your own topics (threads) for others to discuss in!
  • Give suggestions/ask questions to make the PHF and Poptropica better places!
  • Keep track of the latest (and most awesome) events with the Poptropica Updates or News & Announcements subforums!
  • Manage your own profile and private messages from friends!
  • Meet someone new each week with ”Meet a Member”!
  • Talk about anything (appropriate, of course) – your life, books, TV shows, games, etc.

…And lots more! So come on down and join in the fun! :mrgreen:

What are you waiting for? Start chatting!



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