Are you a Survival World Champion?

Well if you aren’t then why not check out the World Champion map. Or become a member today if you’re oh-so-curious.

Be a Survival: Cabin Fever World Champion!

Myron Van Buren’s cabin may not appear on any map, but Poptropicans certainly do. We’re keeping track of every player who finishes the creepy fourth episode of Survival with the Survival: Cabin Fever World Champions live map. Already, thousands of players have done so!

If you’re not one of the World Champions yet, there’s still time. Become a Poptropica Member today to play Survival: Cabin Fever!


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If you reeeeaally want to play Survival: Cabin Fever, or you just want to get on the Champions Map ( 😛 ) then get membership so you can do that today.

Here’s my rank for Survival: Cabin Fever. (My favorite episode so far 😉 )

Cabin Fever Ranking

Brave Dolphin


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