It’s Time to “Re-Vamp” the Blog

Update: There are updates on this page

Title says its name. So, I’ve been thinking about this (a lot) and I think that this blog needs to have a “re-vamp”. Yesterday, while I was sleeping, I had a dream (a crazy dream) about how people hated my blog because of things other blogs have that my blog doesn’t have. People were saying I had no originality and then there was other stuff I don’t remember, because after I that, I woke- okay okay, let’s get on with the post.

I’m going to be doing some blog updates around here! ^_^ I thought the blog needed a lot of updating so I’m going to be adding more stuff! Maybe some more stuff to get it a little more views. So, here is what will be in the Update (click “Read More” to find out):

  • A blog email
  • (✓) Island Guides! ^_^
  • (✓) A fan art page!
  • Some more additions to our “Cool Beans” page
  • I might start a story
  • (✓) A new Blog Logo
  • (✓) A new Header
  • Maybe some sort of weekly or maybe monthly or just at random times Magazine/ Newspaper/ Newsletter (again, I’m not sure of this, as I don’t have enough followers (and views) to do this…but again, that’s why I said maybe…)
  • More PMVs
  • (✓) Some New Authors (hint, hint) 😉
  • And many more…

(✓)=  Completed; Orange text means they’re partially completed

These updates were made for your inconvenience. As of now, this blog has 351 views, so that’s why we’re making the updates. I also will add some new stuff in this blog and take out some other things. The updating will start tomorrow.

I think that’s it.

– BC, excited about the updates 😀

P.S: Authors, if you’re here, please read this: Tomorrow, I’m going to email you guys regarding the blog email, the magazine, and the island guides.

P.P.S: You know about that contest? The writing contest I had, but canceled it because on unconventional reasons? Well, I’ve decided to let it commence once again. The post will be sticky sometime soon.


15 thoughts on “It’s Time to “Re-Vamp” the Blog

  1. I can help with some of the guides and contribute to the fan art! 😀 I can make a header and maybe a logo if you want?

    ~MF from a starbucks o3o

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