The long rumored island has finally become official: Poptropicon!

Well, like the title says, Poptropicon island is finally official. The creators have posted about it on the PCB. Here’s the post. 

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

Fan conventions are in the news, so what better time to announce the next episodic Poptropica adventure? Get ready for PoptropiCon!

Everyone is dressed up for the biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention in Poptropica. At PoptropiCon, the most important thing isn’t what you do — it’s how you look doing it!

We’ll have much more info about PoptropiCon soon. Watch this space!


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Awesome! Poptropicon island is coming soon! Notice that Poptropicon will be in episodes, like Survival and Mission Atlantis. Well, what do you think? Is Poptropicon island really as awesome as it sounds? 



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