‘Sup Poptropicans? Nah, that sounded stupid. 😛 Alright, restart. Normal intro.
How’s it going bros, my name is PeeeewwwwDiePiiiie-wait that’s not even me XD
Hey guys, it’s CL! (finally got it right) So, I’m da new author here (thanks BC :3 ) 🙂 I’m a twelve year old package of pure swag (jk you guys are awesome) and I work on too many blogs. Seriously. This is my list.
1. Top Pop (mine)
2. !Poptropican Awesomeness! (Nameless UnDEFiNed)
3. Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans (Silver Wolf)
4. Poptropica Police Network (Squeezy Wing)
5. The Teenage Herald (Nameless UnDEFiNed)
6. Poptropica With Scary Plug (Scary Plug-well, duh)
7. The Poptropica Package (Magic Fire)
8. All Things Poptropica (Young Flame)
9. Here!
WOW that’s a lot. Okay. So I write a fan fiction called the Tales of Two Icicles, which is really popular and very fun to write, and one of the coolest stories I’ve ever written, I’ve wanted to be an author since I was three. Time for two Poptropica stories.

First, how I started. My computer teacher found out it was an educational game in second grade and showed it to all of us. The controls were weird but I caught on fast, and when I went home, I wanted to go again but every time I tried to find the site I got the wrong link, but for months I was too embarrassed to ask anyone until I finally asked my computer teacher. She told me, and then that night I made an actual account, and two years later I got membership. Back then, I didn’t know you could replay islands, so every time I wanted to replay an island I made another account. Stupid, huh? Whatevs.

Story number two, which is a lot cooler. So one day I’m doodling in class, when I start thinking “Hey, these look like Poptropicans.” So I kept doodling until I had made a doodle of every creator EVER and a short snippet of them saying something. That night I wrote a letter and sent it, along with my three pages of doodles. A while later, I got a letter back from the creators. They told me the PR managers passed my letter on to them, and they handled it. They sent back photocopies of my letter and doodles and wrote small notes on them. They said that my drawings were the most creative thing they had ever received from a Poptropican and offered me a job after college. Awesome, right? 😀 I’m a pretty good glitcher, check out mah closet, my username’s dinosaur1075. Like I said, I was in second grade when I made it. Cut me some slack.

Wow, I’ve been typing for a while. Also, I loooove PewDiePie; Brave Sky and I (hey that rhymes 😛 ) actually inspired Scary Plug to be a bro with us. Oh and TFCO. 😛 Well he didn’t help but he’s also a bro. I love the show Total Drama, I’m telling you, it is AMAZING. They just came out with a sixth season and if they don’t come out with a seventh I will throw something. Oh yeah, I really like legos too, my room is “slowly being choked off by legos,” according to my mom. Haha. I recently built Metalbeard’s Sea Cow, the new prize of my collection. From the waist up, it’s taller than me. o_O Weirdness. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have business to attend to.

~CL, with four PewDiePie tabs open


27 thoughts on “YOLO

  1. Welcome to the team, CL! I guess we have things in common, like how I’m a Total Drama fan (obssessed, actually) and am a Pewdiepie fan. BROFIST!

    And about TD, I think this is the last season. And the season is 5 1/2, not 6th

  2. OH MY GOD YOU LOVE TOTAL DRAMA TOO D: *-* If they don’t renew it I will literally kill someone. I love Dave ^_^ (If you didn’t notice my new G+ pic)

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