I wish that I could be like the “Cool Kids”…



Hi everybody! I’m Slippery Raptor! I’m a new author here. You guys see the post’s title, up there? Well,  I was viewing Kenzie Nimmo’s vines and a few days ago, BC talked to me on my blog, saying that I should check my email. Here’s the funny thing, I actually sent the wrong email and it got delayed till today. So, I saw BC’s comment again on my blog and I was surprised that BC added me to the author list on this blog. First of all, thank you to the Poptropica 411 team, Bony Catfish, Brave Dolphin, Cuddly Lion, Magic Fire, and Scary Plug, thank you so much for this awesome opportunity! I’m officially a  cool kid! Thank you again! I will do my best to become a cool author and to post here often. I’m very happy to be a part of this team! I’m a part of the Pathfinders tribe. Any members? And I really love the color blue, if you may ask. If you have some time to add new friends, enter my username, “gabz1113” so you can spot my achievements, personality and more! So, I hope this is enough to be qualified! 😀


Well, formerly, most of my posts has music but let’s give it a twist… with a vine! This is what I’m talking about!

Click this link because WordPress doesn’t accept vines.

This is what I look like! In case there’s another Slippery. Hehe.



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