A Status on the Updates in this blog

Hey guys. You know how I said I was going to update the blog? Yeah, well, I did do some, because I’m not sure about some others, and I’m still considering. So, here is a status update on how they’re going:

100% Completed Updates

  • Fan Art Page: You can now send in some snazzy art (it can be ANYTHING from portraits, to graphics). Click on the link to send some now (
  •  New Blog Logo: Here’s what it looks like (thanks to Brave Dolphin, an author, for making the logo):



  • New Authors: Currently, I’m done hiring authors (for now). We’re pretty full and BD would be mad at me because she would have to make the logo again XD, which she worked VERY hard on it.
  • Blog Header: It’s done, and better than ever. Check it out below:



50% Completed Updates

  • Additions to the “Cool Beans” page: I’m still adding some things, but some of them are already published.
  • Island Guides: I published some of them, but I’m still working on the others. The ones that are published are from Early Poptropica, to Lunar Colony.
  • Starting a story: I’m going to start it soon. I’m still thinking. And CL, if you’re reading this, you can post TOTI episodes on this blog and you can make a page for it if you want 😀 .

Less than 50% Completed (or we’re not going to do this) Updates

  • Magazine/ Newspaper/ Newsletter: I’ve decided to wait until we get more followers and views. Sorry if you were looking forward to it 😦 …
  • Blog email: I’m not sure if we’re going to do this NOW, but I’m still deciding.


I guess that’s it. This post will be updated, so look.



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