New stuff: Chat

Hey guys. So, I made a chat (last week, lol, but it wasn’t opened to the pubic), which is the official Poptropica 411 chat. There’s a page for that, with the rules and all that (go to the chat page for more). So, I’ve asked some PHC peeps if they would like to be mods for my chat. If you’re wondering about the owners and all that, I’ll edit the page later. So, here are the rank thingies:

Owners (0nly blog authors/editors get this position):

  • Bony Catfish (me, preferably BC)
  • Brave Dolphin
  • Magic Fire
  • Slippery Raptor


  • WimpyKidFan (preferably, WKF)
  • Ares
  • BrittanyMask2012
  • Smart_K
  • Cuddly Lion
  • Scary Plug

Here are da rules:

1. Remember, there are other children in the chatroom who may be offended. For the sake of peace, it is also highly advised that controversial topics (such as religion or sexual orientation) not be discussed. Do not discuss a certain topic if someone 0nline is not comfortable with it. It is possible to disagree politely without hating someone, and being rude to those with a different opinion from yours is considered disrespectful.

2. Please DO NOT ask to be promoted and/or be a staff member. Just show everyone that you deserve to be promoted by coming to the chat often, being friendly, and following the rules; and if you deserve the promotion, it will happen. 0nly promote a guest to member or member to mod if you feel they have actually earned it through friendliness, being active, and following (and in the case of mods, also being able to enforce) the rules. Buying ranks (such as paying to be a mod/owner using xats, “trading” ranks, or other forms of bribery) is unfair to others and is not allowed.

3. Do not spam. This chat has ZERO tolerance for spam. This means typing random trash like “bcskndnv” that makes no sense, asking things that have already been answered over and over again, flooding, and smiley spam.

4. Do not share personal information, and do not ask for any from others. For example, your full name (the least you can say is your first name), your specific address (saying what state or country you live in is fine, but do not get too detailed). Please keep it safe if you are going to share your details.

5. 0nly share links that are appropriate (eg. no screamer videos nor audio). Links posted by guests will not be seen by others, so you may PC a member, mod, or owner to post the link, or you could ask a mod or owner to make you a temporary member, then post the link. Do not spam with links.

6. Do not abuse power. Mods and owners were handpicked by me because they were trustful, mature, and responsible. Please ban and kick fairly, meaning 0nly if a rule was actually broken by the offender – not because of personal feelings. To clear up any confusion, please also write the reason they are being kicked/banned when prompted (it must be REASONABLE).

7. Do not deceive or cyberbully others. Nobody likes to be lied to, cheated, or scammed! This also includes no plagiarism (claiming credit for what is not yours). Honesty is the best policy. Posing as someone else (stealing another identity/impersonation) is also not allowed. (This does not include fictional characters.)

8. Please do not swear or cuss. This chat is for children too, so don’t t use bad words (However, you may use a “substitute” word).You may use the word stupid and dang or other words LIKE that, but the words can’t  describe people such as guests, members, mods, and owners (Example of a sentence that can be commented using the word “stupid”: The part where you have to hide from Mr Silva is stupid!).

9. Note that acronyms such as “wtf” may not always be intended to offend, as the letters may stand for less serious words (euphemisms) and are therefore acceptable (used in moderation, of course), since the full form of an offensive word is not used. However, misspelling rude words (possibly in an attempt to bypass the censor) is not allowed.

10. While we may not have control over events that occur off-site (as in outside of the chat), the staff may choose to intervene as we deem appropriate. This may involve kicking or banning a perpetrator of offenses (including but not limited to bullying, disrespect, and other impermissible acts mentioned on this page) carried out against users of the Pop411Chat or the chat itself.

So, wanna chat now? Go to and chat now 😀 . I’m on, along with BD, and the two mods, Ares and Brittanymask2012.


5 thoughts on “New stuff: Chat

  1. Hey, since I’m not used to Xat that much, how do you rank up to become a mod? Do you need a sign-upped account or anything? 😕

    • Ah, well, the owners are the only ones who can rank. So, unless me, MF, BD, or SR are there, they can rank you to a mod. And can you be on the chat so I can rank you up? I’m sorry, I was SO busy. And no, you do not need to sign up for Xat.

    • Like BC said, only an owner can rank you up to a mod, so you need to be on at the same time. e.e And you don’t need a registered account, but it’d be best to have one since Xat can randomly… reset your thing so if you register that won’t happen. e.e

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