I guess the number 13 is lucky after all!

Hey guys! It’s the swegmuffin here. I don’t really have anything to post although I am in a posting mood right now, so I decided to still find something to post, and it worked *dances to the chorus in Party for Everybody by Buranovskiye Babushki (yes, a Eurovision entry)*! Anywho, is it just me (or my browser), or has the Creators’ Blog has changed a bit?

creators blog update

Click here to see the updated blog for yourself, and click here to see how the blog used to look like. Now let’s talk about the changes-

  1. There’s an advertisement now. While most people might start up a rant because of this, I, on the other hand, wouldn’t really care. I don’t pay attention to them these days and I think you should do the same.
  2. The links widget is now much smaller. (So tiny, aww. :c)
  3. There’s a search bar, which is another good change, because you can find something specific without having to look into the archives (YAS!!)

And also, there’s something that’s so excited, it’s even more excited than the PCB updates:

Poptropica 411 was featured in the Spotlight for 13 lucky Poptropica fansites!

Yep, no joke. I even took a screenshot of it:

Number four in the list (Don’t blame ABC order for this)

IT’S TIME TO PART-TAY (calm yourself down, BC!). Sorry, I was just excited because MY BLOG IS FEATURED IN THE PHB!! Anyway, I feel honored that the biggest Poptropica Blog (my opinion not yours) featured this blog. Wow, I guess the number 13 is lucky after all. Anyways, there MIGHT be a party and if we DO have a party, I’ll let you guys know when I have time. 😉 stay like swegmuffins, peeps!

– BC reads too much Eren x Reader fanfictions

PS: The views are going high above the sky! Keep it up!

Halfway to 1000 views!!
26 hourly views! WOW!! And it’s all thanks to you!!

19 thoughts on “I guess the number 13 is lucky after all!

  1. Congratz on making it on the top 13! 😀

    Also sorry for being off-topic but my marching band number is 13. 😛

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