Some New 411

Hey, I know I haven’t posted in a while, so I plan to fix that with this post. Now onto the updates. Survival: Cabin Fever is going to be available to non-members on Thursday. 


We’re excited about the new stuff coming to Poptropica this week. The final episode of Mission Atlantis, for one thing, and a new version of Poptropica Land, for another.

That’s not all! This Thursday, we’ll also be making Survival: Cabin Fever available for all to play.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to play the penultimate episode of Survival, you’re missing out. But not for long! We’ll let you know the moment it’s available.

avatar image

If you are not a member and have been dying to play Survival: Cabin Fever here is your chance. Also, the creators just posted a picture.


Lookin’ good!

avatar image

Could this be a sneak peek to something? I honestly, can’t think of what this could mean or be. Maybe a picture taking feature coming to Poptropica? Could it have something to do with the things we are going to be “looking forward to”? 

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