Sneak Peeks: Survival, Poptropicon, Arabian Nights

I’ve got some exclusive scoop coming to the next islands of Poptropica! This is just a short post actually.



If you don’t want to look at the sneak peeks and you still have some patience, skip this post or scroll it down!

What’s with the next islands? I can show you the world… 😀


Yeah. Let’s move on to the post. Okay.

Arabian Nights:

The first episode will be called: How Bazaar. Nice pun, eh? 🙂

arab1Nothing is much known to this island (since it is still in development). Except some of the items. There will be ivory camel statuette, lamp, camel harness (we’ll ride a camel?), salt and so much more. As of now, two locations has been found.  We will explore a cave and a cliff. 🙂 What do you think will happen? You can take a look at more sneak peeks at the Daily Pop!


The final episode will be called: Entrapment.


This episode will involve a chase. The hunt will start in this episode, obviously. We will meet Max McGullicutty and we will put an end to Van Buren’s plan. The fishing pole will come back.  Here are some of the peeks:


The first episode of Poptropicon is called: Line Forms Here

con1This involves getting in the convention, costumizing, exploring the first convention on Poptropica. Bucky Lucas will star as Thor?!  Also, there will be something called “Mighty Action Force”. There will be a jetpack, fremulon mask, mjölnir and so much more!  More peeks at the Daily Pop!

So what do you guys think about the sneak peeks on the next episodes/islands on Poptropica? Drop a comment down below! 😀



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