Poptropica Land and stuff

Yeah, lame title, I know. 🙄 Anyway, sorry for the lack of posts! 😦 I’ll try to be more active, but other people always beat me to it. So I’m going to make it up to the people by finding something to post. 😉 Good news: it was successful.

Anyway, with Poptropica Land being updated into an SUI, hundreds – probably thousands of Poptropica members are trying out the prototype from the moment it (the updated version) was released to this day. Although I’m not into this Land thing, I do have to admit, it is quite cool. 😉 What have you built so far? Some were creative and lucky enough to have their creations featured on the Creators’ Blog and their Twitter.

From Bony Owl, a steamship having a close encounter with a submarine.
From Cuddly Cloud, a palatial country estate.
From Dizzy Popper, an underground labyrinth.
From Friendly Singer, a castle fit for royalty.

Although we do not know who created the submarine and garden above as they weren’t mentioned, we do know the treehouse was made by Spotted Dragon, a fellow in the Pop-blogging world. Congratulations SD! 🙂

What do you think of these creations? Do you think yours can top theirs? 😛



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