We’re celebrating for something… but what is it that we’re celebrating?

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YAS!! It just happened! My dream finally came true! Now this will happen in reality- for real! *does happy dance* *does it a bit more, then stops*

Why is it that I was happy, and did a happy dance, and said “YAS!! It just happened! My dream finally came true! Now this will happen in reality!” ? Well, from what I said and did, you can infer that we’re celebrating something, and you’re right. But do you know what we’re celebrating for exactly? *audience thinks for a long time, but they don’t know the answer*

Why, we’re celebrating 1000 Hits! You may have noticed, the Poptropica 411 Blog  has reached 1000+ hits, and that is definitely worth celebrating.



Well, it was 1000, but we got some extra six views 😉 . Oh, I apologize, I didn’t post the invite card, did I? Well, here it is:



As you can see from the invite above, we are going to have a party on Saturday, September 6 at 9:00pm EST (other North American times are up above). but you can use this time converter if you live somewhere else (just change the time zones shown).Everyone’s welcome to join in the festivities, so bring your birthday balloons!

The party will be on our chat, The Pop 411 , plus some multiverse parties  (room codes will be shared through comments below as the party gets near, so keep checking back. 😉 ), games, and so much more- hey, you might even meet some of our authors and editors if you’re lucky to come across them on the chat 😀

If you can’t make it at this exact time, don’t be afraid to come a little earlier or later! You can even come a few hours early for a pre-party if you like; there’s sure to be some Poptropicans to celebrate with. We’ll have a recap up on the blog afterwards, so you might be in it if you come!

Just so you know, we’re not forcing you to come, we’re encouraging you to come (there’s a difference), so if you don’t want to come or you just didn’t like it, then you don’t have to come or you could just leave. If you can make it, feel free to come! Also, even though this is supposed a fun time, the general rules and chat rules still apply.

Another thing, after the party (or if you’re lucky, while the party is going on), we’re going to give away 5 accounts, so look out for that post if you want to enter.  (Please read update.)

Is that it? Oh, and don’t forget to bring your friends 😀 . A party isn’t a party without some peeps

– BC

UPDATE: I’ve decided that the Rare account raffle will be cancelled. I’m starting school soon so I won’t be able to make the accounts. This goes the same for the Poptropica Writing Contest I had. Both of them are cancelled until further notice. However, I do have a contest, but it’s going to be a surprise, so you’re just going to have to wait until you see the post. I’ll give you a hint: It’s a different kind of contest. I think you’ll like it :3


26 thoughts on “We’re celebrating for something… but what is it that we’re celebrating?

  1. Awesomee!! But, sadly, I most likely cannot come, due to school (maybe, I can, not sure yet). School, it ruins EVERYTHING! 😦 *glares at people who made school* Anyway, congratulations! Your blog is awesome! 😀

  2. I can’t come. Sorry BC! One, it’s too early in this place! Two, school has already started and it’s on a Monday. Really sorry. Congratulations too! 🙂

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