The Boxtrolls ad

Trolling again (pun intended 😛 ), it’s me, Scary Plug, the one and only! 😀 Anyway, there is a new ad lurking around the streets of Poptropica, an ad to promote the upcoming movie “The Boxtrolls”. Honestly, I had no idea what it’s about but thank god there’s a trailer. 😛

The trailer is super long in my opinion, but it’s all worth it when I earned the Eggs Costume (so I suppose the boy’s name is Eggs… .-. ). I think it’s pretty cool (boys and girls both get the same thing). 🙂

There’s also something else you can earn in Poptropica, which you may have heard from this post written by BC or from other blogs, is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge power card.

When used, it will pour a bucket of ice water onto your Poptropican’s head. Your Poptropican will not react to the icy water though. 😦 Here is BC’s Poptropican (left) and mine (right) accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge-

So cool (pun intended once again). 😛

That’s it for today! Cya!



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