Poptropica Music, Volume 1

Hey guys! So the Creators recently released a soundtrack album featuring Poptropica’s greatest hits called Poptropica Music! Lots of Poptropica fans have asked for this, and so that’s why the Creators turned it into reality! 😀 Poptropica Music is currently on volume 1, so I expect there will be more volumes published in the future. 😉 Anyway, the first volume of Poptropica Music features main themes from Mythology, Mocktropica, Poptropolis, 24 Carrot and so on. If you are interested in this thing, you can purchase it via Amazon or iTunes (they only cost $8.99/$9.99! I wish they were free though). 😉

As our beloved Captain Crawfish was quoted as saying-

Don’t delay — get yours today!



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