Drawing things the BC way

Hey guys! Last month, I found out I had an artistic ability, so that’s why I’m going to do this. If you guessed right, I’m going to draw Poptropicans (and take requests). If you would like a portrait of your Poptropican drawn by me, Bony Catfish, please comment below the following details (no email required):

  1. Poptropican’s Name (or whatever people call you… but please don’t put in your real name)
  2. Username/link to Avatar
  3. Anything else to add (optional)


  1. Poptropican’s Name: Bony Catfish
  2. Username/link to Avatar: Dr.FunTimesXD/http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bdHJCMmdSUkhJdVJuVnVWR2x0WlhOWVJBPT0%3D
  3. Anything else to add: A blue background, with white stripes.

There are two types of portraits you can request for:

  • Normal: A normal portrait of your Poptropican.
  • Name Wordplay: If you don’t know what I mean, I’ll tell you. So, it’s basically a clever wordplay for your name, such as Red Flame the Fiery 

Also, some rules you should think of:

  1. One account per customer Yes, this rule. I put this as number one because I’m pretty sure some people want their friends’ poptropicans drawn. To be honest, I’m pretty sure your friends can comment themselves (really, it’s not that hard, just go on and comment). So please, comment for yourself and not for others.
  2. Make sure you wear the outfit that want to be drawn until I post the portrait yes, this will be pretty hard, but in order to do this, I need to draw your Poptropican with the outfit they desire
  3. Be Paitent. And if you’re not, I’m not going to draw your portrait (I dislike pushy people, to be honest). Like I said, it takes time to draw the portraits.
  4. There should be NO special items in your outfit.  I’m not the best drawer, and I’m still new to this…
  5. Don’t ask for a redo. Yeh, don’t be pickyPlease, I’m not the best drawer in the world (with the mouse), so it’s not going to be perfect. I believe that people should be grateful because someone actually had the time to do that something.


So, basically, that’s pretty much it? Want a portrait now? Just comment and it will be done ASAP! (God, I sound like one of those commercial guys).

(If you want an example of one, I’ll show you in the pic below)



– BC


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