Casting Call for TTLOAP (FIRST Casting)

Yes, I was just writing Episode one, and I just realized in the last minute: I need more characters.  So, thanks to Nameless for the idea, I decided I am going to cast for more Poptropicans  in The Typical Life of a Poptropican.  Since TTLOAP is going to last a while, we’ll probably need more characters. So, for a little while, if you want to be a character, please comment on this post. Please put the Poptropican name, gender, and a link to the Avatar Studio (if you want your Poptropican to look a certain way) because if I need to add it to the Character Page, then I’ll need a picture.

Also, remember that not everyone who “signs up” will be a character, but they will be in the story at some point of time. In other words, I can’t promise you will be a main, minor, or recurring character. Some people will have a cameo appearence in the story.

NOTE: This is the FIRST casting, so if you don’t make it, then there’s always another shot 🙂


10 thoughts on “Casting Call for TTLOAP (FIRST Casting)

  1. The Name~ Brave Dolphin
    The Gender~ Female
    Link~ Well, my typical costume, but I will post a link later, busy as of now 😛

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