A new story change

Hey guys! This is just a post that I am COMPLETELY scrapping TTLOAP. Why? Because I had NO story plot whatsoever- well, actually, I did, but it was so bad, I didn’t want to use it. I won’t scrap the characters though, because I don’t want to actually “restart” the whole story.

The title will have to do, too, sadly, Instead of “The Typical Life of a Poptropican” it will be “The True Story of Bony Catfish”. The title may sound cliche, but it was the best I can do.

The plot will be action packed, with lots of action. It will also include suspense and mystery, and other things. I am currently writing it now. I will edit all the pages for my story.

Also, TTLOAP wasn’t “planned out” but this one is, which is why I’m going to use the plot and everything for this. I apologize, but it was the best I can do for you guys.

– BC


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