I’m back- with updates + An important thing

Hey hey hey poptropicans! I’m back from Norway, and I think some of you are in school so you’re not reading this now. So, as you see, there was a lot of popping updates, such as Poptropica making Lands for non members for a limited time and having a contest for every week.

Well, those are the poptropica updates. Now, on with the blog updates. Yes, there will be blog updates happening through the blog, temporary and permanent:


  • Blog theme Since Halloween’s nearing, I have decided to change it to a theme called Monster. I didn’t change it yet but I will soon.
  • Blog header Right now, I’m making a new blog header for Halloween. I won’t tell you because it’s a surprise.


  • Blog name, web address, logo  more of a shock, I’m going to change the name. To me, the name “Poptropica 411” doesn’t really fit in the name.  I’ll think of something. the web address will have to do too and I will make a logo.
  • Adding (and deleting) some pages I’ll be adding some pages and also deleting some. If you don’t see them, that probably means that I;m still editing or it has been deleted.

Something to say..

This is a very important thing and I want you to read this, because I have putted a lot of effort writing this

Okay, so I have been thinking for a very long time about this: I’m going to make this a one person blog.

Some are you are probably confused or curious, thinking “But isn’t it too much for you?” or maybe you’re like “This really does not make sense, why are you doing this?”. Wanna know why? It’s going to be long, so hold on tight.

The reason I’m making this a one person blog is because I’m a very independent person. I like to do things on my own pace and I really do not prefer to work with other people or collaborate. I would usually work by myself. I just like it that way.

Second, in short, I created this blog to help, and I want to continue doing that. The reason I created this blog was (1. to help others (2. To have fun (3. Have a voice and to share my knowledge (well, we’re in the internet, so you can’t hear my voice, but you know what I mean). Most Pop bloggers really don’t see that, and they only care because of popularity. They would look at their blog stats everyday (that was me when I started this blog). But in the end, people quit because they think that it’s not “popular” and such. They think it’s not the best at all. I’m just one of those bloggers who just do it for fun, for help.

Third, I do NOT want to choose any workers. It’s time-consuming; it puts pressure on the person I choose because it’s like an obligation; I don’t want to choose favorites; I don’t want drama and hate directed at any new workers. I also don’t want people to recommend themselves and think of themselves as “the special”.  And half the time, the people who want to be hired either (1. don’t have a blog (2. Are new to poptropica or (3. lack blog and/or poptropica experience.

Fourth, I believe a single person blog is the best method. There are blogs that are super popular that do the same method. I mean, just look at Poptropica Secrets (when it was just FM), Poptrickia, Poptropica World, and probably some others.

Fifth,  I have been SO busy lately that I have not even been able to GO on the internet. Ever since the start of the year, I’ve had to focus on 3 honors classes, learning how to play the clarinet (it actually takes a lot of time and effort), classes and homework, and some other things which are personal. I need as much time for school as possible, meaning I need to cut back on some of my hobbies. And as much as I would like to stay and continue being a part of your lives (because you all have touched mine; even though I don’t know what you physically look like I see you all as real-life friends). So, sometimes, I’ll just reblog posts instead of actually writing them (yes, I am lazy at times, but aren’t we all?)


I am so sorry, BD, MF, and a ton of others, but this is the best I can do. And I’m pretty sure that not only will it benefit me, but it will benefit the blog too.  Stay cool, poptropicans!

– BC


2 thoughts on “I’m back- with updates + An important thing

  1. That’s fine, BC! Now you’re on the boat as we are! I also believe that having a blog managed only by you is more effective and easier to manage. Really sorry I had to leave this awesome blog.

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