Time To Say The Goodbyes

Hey guys, so it’s MF here. Since BC is making this a one person blog, she’s going to be removing BD and I. But, she has let us make a final post, in order to say our goodbyes. 😦

First of all, I would like to thank BC for hiring me in the first place. Being on this blog made a lot of things happen (good and maybe bad), but I won’t forgot my time on this blog. 😉

And BC, for creating the blog and keeping it up, doing great things with it and making it amazing. Keep the blog up and active, but I know you will. 😉

The final post~



3 thoughts on “Time To Say The Goodbyes

  1. I’ll also miss this blog. I did leave right after Scary Plug and it was a hard decision to make. I didn’t made any posts though. Good luck, BC! Goodbye, Poptropica 411.

  2. I completely understand, BC. I love your blog, and wish you so much good luck, and I guarantee you, it is an awesome blog, tata everyone 🙂 .

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