A Final Bye

Hey guys, it’s BD here. As you know, from BC’s recent post, she is making this a one person blog. I completely understand why BC is doing this, and it making it a one person blog is a good choice for her. I have been honored to work with you/your blog, and I wish it the best in the future.

To BC: 

BC, your blog is awesome. It’s a fact. I hope that over the years, it’ll grow to be one of the best blogs. Your choice is a smart choice. You decided what you needed to do to make life for your blog a little easier. I couldn’t have done such better choices, and I admire those you made recently. Your blog is amazing, and I wish you the best of luck, and I hope it’ll grow and grow and become awesomer. This is my final bye: Bye.



2 thoughts on “A Final Bye

    • Your welcome, and I do mean all of this. 🙂 It isn’t just “trying to make someone feel better”. BC, you have the skills of an awesome blogger, and I hope your blog does really well! 🙂

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