Trick or Treating for Popping updates- Survival 5 and FREE Halloween costumes in the Poptropica app, Best of Lands: Villiages, and more!

Yep, this post is going to have a whole pour on Poptropica updates. These are gonna be shaking like an earthquake, so get ready to stop, drop, and cover!

Survival 5, an update on the Poptropica App, and FREE Halloween costumes in the app

It’s Halloween time in the Poptropica world! The Poptropica App just rolled out a scary update. This time, with three FREE (heh heh, rhymes) Halloween costumes so your Poptropican is ready for Trick or Treating. You can find these costumes in the Shop on your home island. Just open the menu and hit the home icon to go there. Check them out! You can also play- excuse me, purchase – Escape!, the fifth and final episode of Survival, for only 99 cents (really? You have to pay. Sucks…)!

Best of Lands: Villages

Just today, Poptropica just chose their favorites, out of thousands of entries. I would just like to congratulate Zany Crown for being the readers’ choice for the best Dream Home. Here were Poptropica’s favorites they chose from:

From Cool Sponge, an old-fashioned village that looks like the perfect place to hold the inaugural constitutional convention. (Cool Sponge also made it into Monday’s Dream Homes!)
From Creepy Goose, how clever is this? She zoomed way out for a blimp’s-eye view of her village.
From Friendly Heart, imagine waking up to that giant shrubbery every morning. It wouldn’t be terrifying at all.
From Ice Age (not referring to the movie), an intricate desert setting. Unfortunately, Ice Age wasn’t a registered user so we can’t share their avatar with you! Always a good idea to save your game.
From Mad Comet, here’s a medieval village that seems to be struggling with a dragon problem. (Mad Comet, too, was featured on Monday!)
From Neat Tiger, we can see why they needed to build this village above the flood plain. Looks like they’ve got everything up there!
From Popular Shadow, it’s another dragon! Let’s hope this one is a protector. If not, we know exactly what to do (reference of Red Dragon Island)
From Serious Bird, you don’t have to go far for a bite to eat in this town. Does the building on the right shake in an earthquake?
From Silver Lightning, another underwater-themed world! We’ll take the raft, thank you very much.
From White Flyer, it looks like a Poptropica Main Street! Even without the blimp it’s a dead ringer. Well done.

PoptropiCon Episode 2 + Costume

This is sorta late, but who cares. So, PoptropiCon Episode 2: Spoiler Alert is available to members. Here’s the whole episode summary:

In the second episode of PoptropiCon, you’ll try to put together the ultimate outfit to win a one-of-a-kind prize in the PoptropiCon costume contest. But things aren’t all fun and games at this fan convention. The action is about to get a little too real!

Also, there’s a costume members can buy: a Godzilla costume. It’s the perfect outfit for roaming the halls of Poptropica’s biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention, and it’s available exclusively to Poptropica Members!

Arabian Nights Episode 1 for everyone

Yep, How Baazar is now available to EVERYONE! If you’re stuck, check out Poptropica’s official walkthrough to find out how to play through the adventure.


Well, that’s it now! Hope you loved these updates!

Bony Catfish 


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