Best of Land: Obstacle Courses

Best of Lands: Obstacle Course

Today, Poptropica shared their picks for the best Obstacle Courses. Over the weekend, a lot of dangerous-looking Lands came in from Poptropicans. Poptropica loved lots of them, but they chose only TEN entries. Also, congrats to Serious Bird, whose fast-food-themed village was the readers’ choice for the best Village.

Here were their favorites:

From Comical Ant, here’s an ant farm maze. Mr. Silva from Shrink Ray Island would feel at home here!

From Dangerous Fox, a very spelunky obstacle course.

From Fast Lizard, it looks like Myron Van Buren has another devious challenge in store for his, er, houseguests.

From Prickly Fish, this one packs a lot of gameplay into a small space.

Serious Bird’s Village won the readers’ poll. He’s still climbing the ladders of success.

From Shifty Bubbles, this one takes you up, down, and underwater.

From Shy Paw, this intricate course will take you to every corner of the screen!

From Silly Whale, it’s nice to see someone who just wants players to have a bouncin’ good time.

From Silver Lightning (another repeat Land challenge champ), this multi-screen course is truly a-maze-ing!

From Silver Sun, we would have liked this no matter what, but the sword-wielding statue certainly made its point.


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