Poptropica Android release, Shrink Ray’s “remodel” + costumes in the store, Best of Lands: Haunted

This is just a post commencing some Poptropica updates! Enjoy reading!

Poptropica Android Release

Hey Android users who love Poptropica. I know you have been aching for the Poptropica App to release. Well, Poptropica App will finally be available to Android in the next 5 weeks! How amazing is that?

Shrink Ray’s Remodel + Members Only Costumes in Store

Yep, it’s official! Confirmed by Poptropica itself, Shrink Ray will be made into SUI next month! The trailer is also included in the tweet. Here it is!

Adding a treat, Poptropica released two new members-only costumes for the Shrink Ray re-release! The Milk Box and the Bottle Cap Costume!

Best of Lands: Haunted

Poptropica’s final challenge and the Poptropica Land Public Preview has ended. We’ve looked through thousands of your best Haunted lands, and the hairs on the backs of our necks still haven’t sat back down. On this (late) Halloween,  these ten lands especially will set the spooky mood.

And also… *drumroll* Congratulations *sings Silvia Night’s “Congratulations” (only the chorus)* to Silver Lightning, whose devious maze was the readers’ choice for best Obstacle Course.

From Brave Owl, this is one forest we wouldn’t want to walk through at night.
From Cuddly Ring, a house of horrors with three levels of thrills.
From Dangerous Tooth, a classic haunted mansion.
From Fast Lizard, an amazing paranormal panorama.
From Fearless Lizard, a floating fear factory.
From Friendly Raptor, these are two great tastes that taste terrifying together.
From Invisible Octopus, this is one great pumpkin.
From Popular Fish, it’s a ghost ship adrift on a sickly sea.
From Prickly Fish, we’re just going to assume this gargantuan skeleton creature is reaching out for a big hug.
From Red Singer, there’s a surprise around every turn in this haunted house.

Bony Catfish (BC)




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