Closing the Comment section and TTSOBC staying on

So, these are just some things I’m thinking about on the blog


Closing the comment section

Hey guys, so I’ve been deciding for a while, that I should close the comment section. Now, before you beg me with comments such as “Oh, please don’t close the comment section, please, please, PLEASE”, just read this whole post, and you’ll probably understand,

So, the reason I am closing the comment section is because it seems like no one else is commenting. But then again, peole view my blog without liking OR commenting my posts so…

Today, I went to look who comments and all that. Well not that much people really comment, which leaves me with the conclusion that I should close the comment section.

I mean, what’s the point of having a comment section if no one’s commenting?

TTSOBC staying on

Apparently, that’s what you all are wondering. I’m still writing episode two, which was before my trip so no duh I didn’t get it done. I’ll need to get going on that.

Also, each season will have 10 episodes, instead of 12. It’s just better to track with.


Bony Catfish (BC)


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