Spoiler Alert: Poptropicon is now available to everyone, a possibly new island, and a Poptropica Lands: Best of the Best

A lot has happened, and I didn’t post it on here. Big apologies guys!


Episode 2: Spoiler Alert—Now available!

Get your costume ready because the convention is now opened to all! The second episode is better in my opinion than the first (seriously, to get in a bathroom line :/)

Haven’t played the second episode yet? Play now!

RIP R.A. Montgomery, 1936-2014

R.A. Montgomery, the creator of the Choose Your Own Adventure series, just passed away at the age of 78.  His book was the inspiration for Nabooti Island, which is one of Poptropica’s islands (oh, them good ol’ times) and the Creators noted that his books proved that reading is an adventure! Indeed it is. 😦 If you want to know more about Choose Your Own Adventure or R.A. Montgomery, check out this site.



A new Poptropica Island? Possibly

Embedded image permalink

As you can see above, Poptropica has just released a HUGE BEHIND-THE-SCENES moment! Thanks to Slippery Raptor, this room is called Palace Interior scene. I think that it might be a combination of crpytids and Twisted Thicket because of this “nature magic” feel and also because of this “mystery” and “I think there might be some monster” feel. Someone guessed “Underground Adventure” and the Creators said “Very good!” and that means, the island will be an underground adventure. :O

Poptropica Land’s Best of the Best: Zany Crown!

Last Monday, Zany Crown’s terrific tree house claimed the crown for the best of the best (congrats to everyone else)! As a treat, the Creators had a quick tour of her Dream Home! There might be a re-release of the Poptropica Land: Public Preview January 2015.

So, that’s all of the updates needed to be posted and I hope you enjoyed this post! Again, sorry for the inactivity

– BC



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