Updating for the holidays

Hey guys, the holidays are coming and I’m going to be doing some blog updates around here! ^_^ I thought the blog needed a bit of updating or the holidays. So let’s get started, just scroll down ;).

I’m going to change the theme, which will be on until the year is over. Please note that I will only be changing the theme, not the header. I just think it would be a waste, y’know, but I could be changing my mind (I’ll let you know).

I’m still deciding on a theme, but I might be using Cheer or the Spirit theme, but I can’t decide because they’re both great themes.

Oh, and after the updates, I will be changing the theme, once again. I just kinda don’t like the theme I have now.

I hope you enjoy these updates. Bye 😉

Bony Catfish



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