About Bony Catfish

Hi. I’m that weird blogger, but who cares? If being weirdo is normal, bthen life is good. Here are some things about me:

About Me: I am a 10 year old girl who like Poptropica and math. I also have an interest in urban legends. I learned that reading too much makes you have creepy visions and nightmares.

Activities: School Band (Clarinet), softball, debating.

Beliefs: I believe in nobody but myself and my family.

 Books: Anything that interests me is alright. I don’t have a specific favorite though.

Movies: I guess anything?

Music: Pretty much Anything pop or electronic pop and dance.

Quotes: If being weirdo feels normal, then life is good ~ Me

Sports Teams: NOT a sports person

TV Shows: Anything is interesting.

About Magic Fire

Hi, I’m Magic Fire, but you can call me MF or whatever. 😛 Anyways, I’m a ten year old girl who loves online gaming, including Poptropica and other games I shall not say. 😉 But, beware. I can get really weird sometimes. o_O xD 

Anyways, I’m like really shy. e.e Even around people I know and DON’T know (like people on the internet ;p). So, I kinda just keep to myself. But, I like to draw and write sometimes when I can. Music, I kinda like what other 10 year old girls might. xD But, I believe that dubstep is the future (and anything related to it :p (Monstercat! :DDD))

About Scary Plug

Ohh hiii… I love online gaming, french fries, Pewdiepie, 5Sos aand random pics. There. Want more?


About Brave Dolphin

Hello Poptropicans, I am Brave Dolphin. Bony Catfish kindly let me join the blog. Here’s some 411 on me (get it 😉 ), I love dolphins (maybe you can tell from my name), I love reading a lot. I like to eat lollipops with gum inside (YUMMY!) and I love Poptropica (of course, if you didn’t why would you be here?). I hope you will like me as an author here. There isn’t really any more stuff to say… Anyways, if you want to add me, here is my username: salma26557


About the Blog

Hello, and welcome to Poptropica 411 (Pop 411), the 411 for a Poptropican’s needs. Here you’ll find the latest and greatest news, walkthroughs (soon!), secrets, and more coming in your fate!

About Poptropica

From Poptropica.com

Poptropica® is a virtual world in which kids explore and play in complete safety. Every month, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropica’s engaging quests, stories and games.

Kids create a “Poptropican” character to travel the many Islands of Poptropica and use gaming literacy to enjoy a narrative that is often rooted in factual history. Problem-solving skills are honed as kids discover and solve mysteries unique to each Island.

There are always new areas to explore in this ever-expanding world where kids can collect objects, read digital books and comics, watch movies and compete in head-to-head competition. Parents can always trust that their children are playing — and learning — in a safe online environment.

Poptropica is published by Family Education Network, a part of Pearson, the global leader in education and learning technology.

Former Authors: We would like to thank the former authors here on the 411. It has been a great run with them, but it’s probably time to go :c. We would like to thank Cuddly Lion for a good run here on the 411


2 thoughts on “About

    • What do you mean exactly 😕 ? Sorry, but I don’t know what you mean. Sorry, I’m just confused by your comment, because you didn’t specify anything. If you mean my content, then yes, I make the majority, but credit other blogs, mostly the PHB. If you mean something else, can you explain what you mean?

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