Comment Policy

In the Poptropica 411 Blog, we want to make sure that everyone is safe (in the real and internet world… in BOTH worlds). So here are the rules to make you safe:

  1. No cussing. There’s a difference between cussing and just saying bad words, so KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!
  2. DO NOT SPAM. Please do not post such nonsense (such as shjejska), emotes only ( 😆 , :mrgreen: , 😉  ), or post a comment that’s off-topic
  3. Use correct grammar. You know why your teacher says, “Use good grammar”. Listen to them, and you’ll thank me. Slang is allowed, but don’t use it too much or readers won’t understand you. It’s best to use 2-4 words with slang, but everything HAS TO BE SPELLED OUT.
  4. DO NOT ask to be a staff member! Please don’t ask. We will find responsible viewers who can handle the job or our staff will hire recommended people.
  5. Do NOT ever in a million years share your personal info and don’t ask for any from others. For example, your full name (first name only if you want to use your real name), your specific address (saying what state or country you live in is fine, but you shouldn’t get too detailed). Please keep it safe if you’re going to share your details. If you don’t, your comment will be deleted in immediate notice.
  6. Keep to the subject of Poptropica. Every other page (except the application and chat page.) has to be Poptropica related unless you are permitted or instructed by Bony Catfish. If you aren’t sticking to the topic, your comment will be moved the the RIGHT CATEGORY.
  7. Don’t hurt anyone Do not use inappropriate language and don’t talk about inappropriate things. Do not say or do anything hurtful either. That includes cyber bullying. If you do such things, you will be banned. You will not be allowed to comment until further notice. If you’re an author and do these things, you will have to be removed.
  8. Have Fun! 

NOTE: these are subject to change. Please refer to this page at anytime. 



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