You can see who is online by looking at the user list on the right side of the chatbox. Next to each name is a pawn, colored depending on their status in the chat. If there is a star on the pawn as well, it just means they are registered on Xat, our chatroom’s provider. The differences on the pawns are:


  • Xat Red Pawn This pawn means that the person has left the chat and can no longer be contacted on the specific chat.
  • Xat Green Pawn This pawn means that the user is a guest, which is set by default. This user is free to chat, but this user cannot message links to the Xat chat that other people can see.
  • Xat Member Pawn Being a member means that you come to the chat often and don’t break the rules. Members can send URL links for people to see. Most users will be members.
  • Xat Mod PawnBeing a moderator means that you are trusted, very active, and hardly ever break the rules. Moderators can post links, kick people, and ban people up to 6 hours. They can also make people guests and members, and delete messages that are inappropriate. Moderators are the guardians of the Pop 411 Xat Chat.
  • Xat Owner Pawn  Being a co-owner means that you are friendly, active, responsible, and never break the rules. Co-owners can post links, kick people, ban people for as long as they please, and delete messages. They can also make people guests, members, and moderators. Co-owners are extremely rare to be promoted and require great trust.

Warning: Please do not ask to be upgraded a rank. Just show everyone that you deserve to be promoted by coming to the chat often, being friendly, and following the rules; and if you deserve the promotion, it will happen.


1. Never ever ever ever ever give away your real name, address, email, age, area, school, personal info, city, etc. If you don’t want to get stalked down and kidnapped, KEEP YOUR INFO TO YOURSELF.

2. Do not cuss whatsoever, even if you are telling on someone for saying a bad word. You can’t just go in the chat box in front of all these kids and say, “Casey/Moomoo! This guy said STUPID to me!” That will definietely not help the situation.

3. I will rephrase this. DO NOT TRADE. Why? Because people will always say “Free mem!”, BUT THEY ARE LYING. NOBODY GIVES AWAY FREE MEMS. DON’T DO IT. We have warned you, not our problem if your account gets stolen by a liar. ALL TRADERS ARE LIARS.

4. Be nice! Remember these people are actual people! As they say, treat others the way you want to be treated.

5. Don’t ask to be a mod

6. Don’t challenge the authority of the authors/editors of the Blog, me, or the mods.

7. Don’t trade/”give away”/ ask for accounts

8. Don’t ask stupid questions, like “What’s the password?”

9. Think.


Thank you for taking the time to keep The Pop 411 chat safe 🙂


10 thoughts on “Chat

  1. Hey umm I can’t really go on Xat and there isn’t an offtopic page, so I thought it would be appropriate to ask on this page. Um so how do get the who’s among us thingy in the sidebar? I tried to put the code in under welcome but it doesnt work… 😦

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