Chat Information + Rules


  • If you do not want to follow the rules because you don’t like them, then kindly leave.
  • See the How to Report section to report other users or unfair banning.
  • If you have any additional problems, whether it be with another user or with our system, contact us instead of starting drama. We are open to suggestions in making our chat a better place
  • You are responsible for your own safety! If you trade accounts or give away your personal info, for example, you are doing so at your own risk. We try to keep the chat safe from people who intend to harm others, but we are not responsible if you decide to jeopardize your own safety.


  • Kick twice before a ban (two chances)
  • ALWAYS put a reason when banning/kicking, to avoid false reports of “banning/kicking for no reason”
  • Talk to rule-breakers in PC to reason things with them before banning if possible (skip this if they meet the requirements in the red sticky note below)
  • Do not include other users in an argument with a rule-breaker, or they will side against them and cause more drama. Notify users in the Main Chat that you will solve the problem in PC.
  • Never ban without proof, unless you have witnesses or you have seen it yourself (e.g. screenshot)


Full Rules

(“Includes” mean things that apply to its rule, and “Does not include” mean things that don’t apply to that rule) (In other words, “Include” means doing it would get you banned, and “Does not include” means doing that WON’T get you banned

1. You will be banned forever with NO warnings if:

(1) Your profile picture and/or username contains R-rated, sexual, inappropriate content
(2) You come on the chat only to use language or send pictures containing R-rated, sexual, inappropriate things, whether it be in PC or main
(3) You do anything that clearly shows you do not belong on our chat

(You will be asked to change your name/picture, and if you refuse, you will be banned forever)

If you are reported (screenshotted) to have done either of these things when a moderator was not online, then you will be banned forever the next time we see you

2. Disrespectful Behavior

Mods are encouraged to speak to the person in PC to reason things out before it gets out of hand

  • Includes repeatedly bullying another user in an extremely hateful/hurtful way 
  • Includes taking advantage of the wording of the rules and finding a loophole around them in order to irritate the mods (refer to the appropriate section based on the rule they are taking advantage of and ban accordingly)
  • Does not include expressing mild discontent toward a mod/user (everyone is free to have their own opinion)

3. Posing

Assume that members will ALWAYS have blue pawns, mods will ALWAYS have silver pawns, and owners will ALWAYS have orange pawns. 

  • Includes posing as a mod/owner or m by saying they “are on a different computer” or “have forgotten their password” 
  • Does not include posing as another guest/member, it’s just very obnoxious and pointless

To prevent this from happening to you, it is HIGHLY recommended that you register for a Xat account, as it will save your rank from that chat.

4. Spamming

  • Includes  typing random trash like “bcskndnv” that makes no sense, asking things that have already been answered over and over again, typing with ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS (only if you’re abusing it, typing too many messages in a row without letting others respond first (called flooding; you can keep them all in 0ne message instead!), or having a comment comprised of just a long string of chat icons.
  • Does not include letter spamming in only one line (an example is “suuuuuuuuure”)

5. Advertising

  • Includes directing other users to visit another blog/XAT to gain popularity, through methods such as spamming links, telling people to click your home button, or bribing (only if you’re spamming it, telling once or twice is fine)
  • Does not include sharing links for entertainment purposes (e.g. YouTube video, memes, artwork)
  • Does not include mentioning another blog/XAT name in passing without intent of advertising

6. Inappropriate Language

  • Includes cussing and using language that contains R-rated, sexual, inappropriate content. Also includes jokes or references that bring R-rated, sexual, or inappropriate themes
  • Does not include using insults such as “stupid,” “idiot,” “loser,” “shut up,” “stfu” (but only if they aren’t used in a sense to insult someone on the chat)
  • Does not include using mild cuss words such as “crap,” and acronyms such as “wtf” and “lmfao”

7. Pestering to be promoted

(ATTENTION: We’re currently looking for FEMALES for mods)

  • Includes continually begging/pestering/threatening for a rank 
  • Does not include asking on asking how to be moderator/owner

(We have enough mods (plus owners). It is impossible for us to be monitoring the chat 24/7, as we have school work. It is harder than you think to find good mods. It is rare to find people that always follow the rules, are nice to everyone, AND come on often.

A lot of people will request to be mod, saying that they are nice, or they are always on, etc. If you were, then we will have noticed. Please do NOT ask to be mod, it will only decrease your chances.  People who pester us to be mod have never become one, and our current mods have never pestered us in the past.)

8. Trading

  • Includes continually (and ANNOYINGLY) asking in the main chat (once or twice is fine)
  • Includes asking for/demanding/begging for/shouting out rare items, glitches, cheats, etc.
  • includes scamming someone or attempting to hack (or actually hack) onto their account
  • Does not include PCing them

How to report…

a Rule Breaker

If another user is breaking the rules and no moderator is on, take a screenshot of: (1) the things they said, AND (2) their ID number. Upload it to (Anyone can use it, you don’t need to download anything), and send the link to the next moderator that comes online. Hopefully, their icon will still be in the guest list.

If their icon is no longer in the guest list, then make sure a moderator is aware, so they can ban them next time they appear.

Please remember to include the ID number! Without it, it will be difficult/impossible to identify them when they come back online, as they could have easily changed their name.

Thank you so much for taking the time to keep our chat safe 🙂

Unfair Banning

Unfair banning means that the mod/owner did not adhere to the guidelines and the rules for the chat

If you feel that the moderator did not follow those rules, then you may report them.

Send reports by sending us screenshots, preferably through email. Please do not send the official XAT report, because it has been glitching (the official XAT report is here, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, please do not use this!).

Note that reporting a mod does not get them immediately de-modded, nor does it mean you will become a mod. Our mods are trying to do their jobs the best they can; they’re not perfect or robots or anything like that. We will simply talk to the reported mod if they were banning unfairly, as it was most likely a miscommunication.

Our goal is to have a safe, fun, and fair chat! 🙂

How to become a mod

We are currently looking for mods (you must be FEMALE. Trust me, the staff is ruling of male domination 😆 )

Here are the qualities I (Bony Catfish) look for in a good mod:

  • Online often
  • Respectful and kind towards everyone on the chat
  • Acts maturely
  • Contributes and participates on the main chat
  • Wants to become moderator solely to help us make the chat safe, NOT to gain a superior position and/or to gain “power” and “popularity”
  • NEVER asks/bugs/pesters to become mod
  • Retains other positive characteristics (trustworthy, dependable, likeable, etc)

I believe that we must get to know a person better before making them a mod. That means you can’t just be a good for a day and wait for us to make you a mod. I will be looking at long-term activities that people participate in the chat. I personally will want to know exactly how you are like in any situation before I make you a mod.

will not choose quickly and easily. And I personally believe anyone who asks, in any direct or indirect way, to become a moderator DOES NOT deserve to become a moderator. I choose to be this way because my parents once told me, “You don’t  know who a real friend is until you are in a time of crisis and your friend chooses to help you over choosing to gain for themselves,” or something like that.

How to be Promoted

Please do not ask to be upgraded a rank. Just show everyone that you deserve to be promoted by coming to the chat often, being friendly, and following the rules; and if you deserve the promotion, it will happen.

NOTE: Guests will be promoted to  member and members will be promoted to mod. NO ONE WILL BE SKIPPING A RANK!


Yep, so this is the chat information + rules page, refer to this at ANYTIME


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