When you’re tired of playing Poptropica, you can always take a break, relax, and read a comic or two. Here are some comics that Poptropica themselves have made, in alphabetical order, along with a summary:

Note: If you find that the images are too small to read even after clicking on a page to bring up the gallery carousel for that comic, click on “view in full size” in the lower-right corner (may need to scroll down to see this on smaller screens).

Poptropica: the Comic Series

Two young heroes, Oliver and Jorge, get thrown into the foreign world of Poptropica and have to survive the troubles thrown at them in this crazy adventure, which releases a new strip every day! The images below only go up to week 8, so see below for options for where to see the rest of the strips!

To catch up with the official Poptropica series, you can read them daily on the Daily Pop, on the Creators’ Blog (which catches up with the Daily Pop every Sunday) or Funbrain (which is ahead of all the other options).

Funnily enough, none of the lands explored by Oliver & Jorge in the comics (which are made by Paul Gilligan & Kory Merritt) are actually real places on Poptropica.

Super Power: Super Hot Dog Boy

Ned Noodlehead is a comic store owner with an urge to fight evil. When he hears trouble, he becomes Super Hot Dog Boy! This is the first official Poptropica comic, released for Super Power Island. Read all 4 pages below!

Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic

Somewhere deep in Canada, dastardly mistakes cause a virus outbreak! Read the prologue to Virus Hunter Island in this 6-page comic below!

Zomberry: Day Zero

Find out how the mess of Zomberry Island began and follow Joe Puddy on his journey to escape the zombie apocalypse in the 6-page comic below (yep, it’s pretty short, but whatevs)!



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