Blogging Tips

These tips are all based on my opinion, it is pretty much everything I have done for this blog. I hope they will help you too1


Use different colors, but not excessively, or it might look overwhelming. Just to emphasize important points

BoldItalics, Underline, etc. Use them to draw attention to certain points

Indent different sections of your post, so it isn’t all bunched up

Get to the point. Do not waste your words. People hate reading huge paragraphs, keep them to 1-4 sentences

BIG TITLES if you have more than one section to your post (e.g. 2 different contests)

Use pictures! One picture is worth a thousand words!


Most people will use search engines when they want to know something. Use this to your advantage!

For example, let’s say you are posting a scavenger hunt, and one of the items is an apple. Would little kids type in “Location of the apple in the scavenger hunt” or “Where is the apple”? Obviously the second one, they DEMAND answers xD

So, you should always word your posts the way little kids would search for.



NEVER copy. If you copy even once, everyone will remember you as a dishonest, unoriginal person. Also, what is the point of having two copies of the same information? People visit different blogs for different stuff.

Also, ASK if you want to use their content for your post/page and credit them. (An alternative is to quote, but I find the first one best)

ALWAYS use copyrights. You never know when some wannabe is going to copy you, be prepared.


You never know, being mean to one person may come back and bite you in the behind one day, so as a general rule, try to be nice and positive always! Nobody likes to be friends with an arrogant, rude, or immature person.


If you are a Poptropica blogger, don’t post anything that doesn’t relate to Poptropica. People visit your blog for updates, tips, and cheats, not for the story of how long your homework took you yesterday, or how in love you are with your crush.


Don’t hire too many workers. One, updating Fantage does NOT need like 12-20 people to post. Two, workers do not count as viewers, so they do not help raise the number of hits. Just hire a maximum of 6 or so.


The purpose of backgrounds is to create a soothing atmosphere for the viewer. It is NOT for attracting attention (that’s what your posts are supposed to do!!). When choosing a background, keep these things in mind:

1. Don’t choose a background that moves (called GIFs).

2. Don’t choose a background that has neon and/or bright colors. It may look cool to you, but personally, it makes me want to rip my eyes out and barf up a rainbow

3. Don’t make your background your Poptropica avatar. That’s so unoriginal! Also, it’s too colorful.

4. You can make your background fit into the season. You can even match it to the holidays!

5. Change your background once in a while. People like to see new things.

6. Choose a background that is lightly colored. Dark colors makes the blog look very sinister and secretive. (Just a personal opinion)

Never thought how important your background was, huh?


Just… no.That grammar? …. That type of grammar makes me want to hallucinate. When posting, refrain from using horrid works like those above. You’re blogging, not texting. You can speak English, not make baby noises. Avoiding this style of talking gives you much more credibility, and people will look up at you with more admiration.


Long paragraphs are boring, and nobody likes to read them. If everything you are saying is important and you don’t have anything to take out, just break it up into smaller paragraphs, like I have done with this page.


After reading things on this page like “act professional” and “use correct grammar” you’re probably thinking I expect you to sound like a college professor.

NO WAY!! You can act mature AND be fun at the same time, which is exactly why you should add humor to your posts.

Everyone has their own style of humor. As long as you don’t make it sound like forced humor (e.g. telling cheesy jokes), it will lift everyone’s mood.

This is something I have tried out recently, and I find it’s a lot more fun for me too. Most importantly, it seems like you guys like to too.


We all have haters, whether we like it or not. But that doesn’t mean we should turn into a shameful cussing machine when they insult us.

The point is, instead of cussing down a hater, find something funny to say that humiliates them and makes them look foolish for hating you. Don’t try to reason with a hater or challenge them to a cussing fight, they will persist even though they know they’ve lost. It’s just a waste of time.

There is nothing a hater hates more than indifference and being humiliated, because when they type that hate comment, they expect drama, anger, and cussing. Don’t give them what they want. Laugh at them.


A LOT of you newbie bloggers have been coming to me, frantically asking “Why am I not getting hits! I have advertised everywhere, but nobody is coming to my blog! How do I get hits and followers fast??”

You are missing the point. The purpose of a blog is to help people, not to become famous. If you started a blog just to become famous, then change your views, or you will never be successful.

When I first started blogging, I never worried about hits. I focused on being as helpful as possible. The hits and followers just naturally came, eventually.

So stop obsessing over your hits widget and followers counter, IGNORE them. Instead, obsess over your posts and pages. Think of new creative ideas (never ever copy, see tip #4).

This is the same for veteran bloggers. You should know this by now, but if you don’t, here it is: Your purpose is to help people, NOT to act all superior and snobby. This is precisely why I never refer to myself as “famous” nor “popular.” It contradicts the entire point of being a blogger.


A habit of mine is to explore settings, whether it be my phone, the computer, or online, because I want to see what cool things I can personalize and make the most out of it!

Doing this has done SO much for me, in terms of making this blog unique and pretty. Here are some examples.




Capture Capture


I discovered how to do the things above simply by looking around. So try it out, you may find something super amazing and cool too! WordPress is huge, there is so much that even I have yet to uncover.

A good place to start is Dashboard>Settings. Pay close attention to whether there’s an “Advanced Settings” button. That’s where all the good stuff is hiding, waiting to be found 😉

Once you’ve searched through the Dashboard Settings top to bottom, start exploring the WordPress help website, that’s how I learned how to do sticky notes and fonts! Here’s the link:

I promise you that, once you’ve returned from this “expedition,” you will have learned so many cool tricks to make your blog more unique 🙂




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