Every Poptropican is creative and different in their own way. Did you want to have that awesome shirt and that slick skirt/pants? Or that beautiful hair? There are just so many fashion possibilities on Poptropica!  Below are some fashion ideas for you so you can be an awesome fashioniesta:

The Collection of Bony Catfish

This is just outfits that I compiled myself :3

The Bony Catfish 1.0:


Bony Catfish, the founder of PWB

  • Hair: Dr. Lange (Virus Hunter)
  • Mouth: Betty Browinie (Reality TV)
  • Shirt: The weight guesser guy (Monster Carnival)
  • Skirt: You can get it from any person in a common room

The Bony Catfish 2.0:


  • Hair: Buy the “Gamer Girl” costume at the Store. Then, customize the hair.
  • Bangs: The Goth-looking guy in RTI
  • Head Accessories: You can get the headphones from the boy with his family at Lunar Colony Island
  • Sweatshirt: You can customize it from CJ from Shrink Ray Island or friend “SlantedFish” and customize it from her
  • Shirt: You can get any shirt
  • Pants: You can get any pants
  • Phone (optional): From an ad about the Poptropica app.

The Bony Catfish 3.0:


  • Hair: Same as “The Bony Catfish 2.0”
  • Bangs: Get it from that orange-haired girl in Main Street in Criptids Island
  • Glasses: Get them from that guy with the weird smile in the same island
  • Shirt and jacket: IDK, but let me know if you know
  • Belt and pants: get it from any common room

Bony Catfish 4.0:


  • Hair: Same as 3.0
  • Bangs: any common room
  • Jacket and shirt: IDK, but if you know, tell me
  • Pants: same as 3.0
  • Bow and arrow: buy “Robin Hood” from the store and customize the bows and arrows
  • Glasses: Brown haired woman in Night Watch Island

The Scary Plug Collection

1. The Scary Plug


  • Hair: Girl in QueeQuegs Coffee House in Back Lot Island
  • Hair color: Yellow+ Red
  • Bangs: Black & white guy in Reality TV Island
  • Shirt & Skirt: Girl with beret in Cryptids Island
  • Headphones: Boy with sister, mum & dad in Lunar Colony
  • Medallion (optional): Charlie and Chocolate Factory

2. Fashionable Pink


  • Hair: Woman paparazzi in Back Lot Island
  • Hair color: Red+ white
  • Bangs: Same as ‘The Scary Plug’
  • Dress: Lady in pink in Mystery Train
  • Boa: Lady in yellow in Mystery Train
  • Wings: Try looking in common rooms

3. Not-so-scary witch


  • Hair: Purple witch in Haunted House Mini Quest
  • Hair color: Black
  • Bangs: Same as ‘The Scary Plug’ and ‘Fashionable Pink’
  • Dress: Devil queen in Haunted House Mini Quest
  • Broom: Any witch in Haunted House Mini Quest
  • Medallion (optional): Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

4. Green Goddess


  • Hair, bangs & cape: Girl in green in Herc’s Hut at Mythology Island
  • Hair color: Red+ yellow
  • Dress: Prom Queen Costume
  • Sash: Any Poptropican in Mythology Island
  • Harp: Angel Costume

5. PopRocker


  • Hair: Vampire Queen 1 Costume
  • Hair color: Red+ white
  • Bangs: Same as most of the costumes above
  • Shirt, guitar & star on cheek: Rock Star 2 Costume
  • Pants: Any black pants
  • Jacket: Guy outside of QueeQuegs Coffee House, Back Lot Island

6. Annabelle from The Conjuring


  • Hair: Try looking in Common Rooms
  • Bangs: Girl in yellow outside Twin Palms Mall, Night Watch Island
  • Hair color: Yellow+ black
  • Skin color: White
  • Mouth & dress: Bride of Frankestein Costume

7. Hit Girl

Hit Girl in the movie:


  • Hair: First girl you’ll meet in Counterfeit Island
  • Hair color: (dyed using the Colorizer) Dark Purple
  • Lips & bangs: Prom Queen Costume
  • Shirt, cape & pants: Dark Astro Knight Costume
  • Mask: Queen of Egypt Costume

Hit Girl in the comics:



  • Hair: Starbuck, the girl you need to save in SOS Island

Here’s Starbuck:


8. Vampire Queen


  • Hair, pale face & lips: Vampire Queen 3 Costume/ The Inspector (Black Widow in disguise), the woman outside the Museum Fantastique in Counterfeit Island
  • Hair color: Black
  • Bangs: Prom Queen Costume
  • Dress: Creepy Countess Costume
  • Necklace & belt: Goth girl in Ye Olde Rumour Mille, Astro Knights Island
  • Cape: Desmond Pucket ad prize, but you can use any cape you want

9. Green Girl


  • Hair: Vampire Queen 1 Costume
  • Hair color: (dyed using the colorizer) Dark green
  • Skin color: Green
  • Cap: Add ‘redwasabi’ and check her closet (note that you have to be a Flying Squid tribe member to wear this cap)
  • Face: Elf/ Elf queen in Twisted Thicket
  • Shirt: Southern Belle Costume
  • Skirt: Try looking in common rooms
  • Flower: Flower Power from the store

10. New Year’s Day


  • Hair & hat: Poptropica’s 6th Birthday costume
  • Hair color: (Dyed using the colorizer) Purple
  • Grinning teeth: Try looking in common rooms
  • Shirt, pants & bow tie: April Fool costume
  • Belt (optional): Dare Devil costume
  • Firework: Fireworks

The Magic Fire collection

Electric Blue









  •  Hair: Die your hair a dark blue. Hair is from the Mythology Surfer from the store. The hat is from the Pop Star in the store.
  • Face: The lips are from the cheerleader from the store or you could get a similar one by customizing it from someone. Optional: Get the lightning bolt from the Zaggy Moondust costume.
  • Top: The shirt is from the Prom Queen in the store. The jacket is from the Pop Star.
  • Bottom: The skirt is from the Mythology Surfer in the store. Tip: Press the space bar, then you will be able to customize the skirt.
  • Handheld: The lightning staff is from the store.
  • Optional: Put on the blue electrify from the store.

Chillin’ At The Mall

chillin at the mall











  • Hair: A dark shade, such as brown or black fits well. The hair is from the Vampire Girl 1 in the store. The bangs come from the Goth Boy in Reality TV Islands. You can find the headphones on the guy at the end of the line on Night Watch.
  • Lips: The Cheerleader from the store or get a similar one by customizing it from someone.
  • Top: The jacket is from the Biker Girl. The shirt is from the Pop Star.
  • Bottom: The belt and pants can be found on the first woman you see on Main St., Red Dragon Island.
  • Handheld: The bag is from Night Watch island (In The NOW!)

Wedding Guestweddingguestcostume









  • Hair: The short hair can be found on the first woman you see when you land on Red Dragon Island. You can find the hair and blush on the Pop Star. I believe that almost any hair color would be fine.
  • Lips: You can probably customize it off someone else.
  • Dress: Get the Prom Queen robes. Select white. Get the Pirate Captain and customize the white sash.
  • Handheld: This is optional, but you may get the flower from the Flower Power in the store.

Pop Star Sensation popstarsensationcostume









  • Hair: The bangs come from Black Widow in her Inspector disguise. The hair is from Vampire Girl 3 and the hat is from the Biker.
  • Lips: Get them from a Poptropican in a common room.
  • Top: The shirt is from Rock Star 2 and the jacket is from the Biker also.
  • Skirt: Find the skirt on a random Poptropican and the belt is from the Biker costume.
  • Handheld: The microphone from the Pop Star.

Autumn Chic/ Nerdy Chic










  • Hair:  The braids can be found on the girl wearing the blue music note on Night Watch. The bangs come from Black Widow in her Inspector disguise.
  • Glasses: From the Nerdy Guy on Loch Ness, on Cryptids.
  • Mouth: A random poptropican
  • Shirt: Also customize from nerdyglasses1
  • Jacket: The woman to your right when you land on Red Dragon.
  • Pants: Random poptropican
  • Bag: I got it from one of my friends 😛

Purple Passion










  • Hair: The bun and earrings are from the Fairy Queen costume in the store. Get the bangs from a random poptropican.
  • Lips: Also from the Fairy Queen costume.
  • Dress: The Fab TV Star costume from the Dork Diaries ad.

Cool Costumes

Queen Elsa of Arendelle

Hair: First, go to 24 Carrot Island and use the drinks in Carrot King Diner to change your hair color to platinum blonde (Yellow+White). You can get Elsa’s braid from the poptropicans on Early Poptropica or when you first start the game. You can use the one with or without the hair tie (Mine is with). Bangs are optional

Dress: Customize this FAB dress from the “Blue Prom Queen’ in the store

Lips: Customize the lips from the “Prom Queen” in the store

Skin: Change your skin color to a paler shade of peach using the balloons on Early Poptropica

And you’re now the queen of ice and snow!

Princess Anna of Arendelle

Hair: First, go to 24 Carrot Island and use the drinks in Carrot King Diner to change your hair color to strawberry blonde (Red+Yellow+Black). You can get Anna’s braids from the poptropicans on Early Poptropica or from Sacagawea on Time Tangled Island. You can use the one with or without the hair tie (Mine is with). Bangs are optional

Dress: You can get this dress from the “Green Prom Queen” in the store

Lips: Anna has a normal closed smile. You can find this EVERYWHERE

Skin: Change your skin color to the darker shade of peach using the balloons on Early Poptropica

Bat Man:

  • Utility Belt: Customize the blue-and-orange costume from the Masks & Capes store on Super Power Island
  • Pants: Goth Boy on Main Street, Vampire’s Curse Island
  • Chest plate: Dark Astro-Knight costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Cowl: Bat Guy in the Temple (first room) on Shark Tooth Island
  • Cape: Grim Reaper from Haunted House
*sings I’m a joker my Anri (idk his last name)* Oh, not the time now? Oh, okay.

The Joker:

  • Colors: Green hair, white skin
  • Jacket & Pants: Leprechaun costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Shirt: Dr. Jekyll from Haunted House
  • Smile: Clown costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Hair: Goth Boy on Main Street, Vampire’s Curse Island

Jedi (Yoda):

  • Shirt & Belt: monk in the Castle Library on Astro-Knights Island
  • Pants: brown
  • Ears: Furry Monster 2 or Elf (Poptropica Store)
  • Green skin
  • Lightsaber: Sky Hawk Warrior (Poptropica Store)

Tips & Tricks

Need some Poptropica fashion advice? Here’s a few rules of thumb to keep in mind:

  1. Mix and match different costume parts together! That’s the beauty of it – you get to be original. Use the shirt button in the top-right corner to Costumize from another character whose clothing you like, and throw in some stuff from the Store too if you wish. Be careful not to mismatch, though: those goofy glasses aren’t going to go well with that fancy dress.
  2. Have a color scheme. Put colors that look good together, but don’t overdo it – you don’t need to have all the colors of the rainbow on you, or the colors may clash. One or two shades can pull off a pretty neat outfit. Get the Colorizer from the Store to have more options for coloring your hair and skin.
  3. Skin: Regular human skin tones are your safest bet, unless you’re going for a bizarre Halloween costume or something. To change skin color, you can press Ctrl+Shift+S until you get the color you want, or visit Early Poptropica’s “Poptropica Towers” and pick a pigment balloon. There’s also the Colorizer.
  4. Hair: You probably don’t want yucky shades like greenish-brown, but whatever you pick, be sure it matches your outfit. Natural colors work best, but sometimes blue or purple hair can do the trick as well. To change hair color, visit 24 Carrot’s “Carrot King Diner” and mix a drink until you get the desired color. The Colorizer will give you more options.
  5. Accessorize. There are tons of accessories available on Poptropica, and most are freely available on wandering characters. Don’t be afraid to try something on; if it doesn’t work out, you can just close the Costumizer window. Add that belt, sword on the side, or those side bangs to complete the outfit you’re working on. Look around and you might just find something that matches. Be inspired by the above costumes, the ideas contained in the comments below, and your friends’ closets.

Do you have a costume?

If you have a costume you’d like to share with everyone, feel free to post a comment below! If you can, tell us how you pieced together your snazzy outfit and post a link so we can see it. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Poptropica Avatar Studio and enter the username of the character. Copy the contents of the “Link” box and paste this into a comment, so we can click on it and see! Or, if you plan on changing your costume later, do this instead…
  2. Zoom and crop as needed on the Avatar Studio, then click “Save Image” to download the picture to your computer. Use an image-uploading web service such as TinyPic and upload the file from where it is saved on your computer. Copy the URL they give you, and paste this into a comment so we can see it!

Now try mixing and matching your very own unique costume set on Poptropica!


5 thoughts on “Costumes!

  1. A lot of the costumes from the entertainment section are made by myself. Would you mind making that known and/or linking back to my own blog? (I gave the PTFP permission to use my costumes, but I didn’t know that other people would be using them as well). Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience. 😉

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