Episode 1

I am by myself, in my house. Why? Because, I never knew who my mother was, my father was dead, and my sister, Silver Catfish, got kidnapped, by this horrible, cold, evil organization whose name I forgot because it was a long time ago. Yeah, so I basically have no family. Got a problem with that? So surprised no one but the people I trust know I am an 11 year old, by herself in her house.

Yeah, I have friends. 3 of them. Brave Dolphin, Strange Owl, and Friendly Leopard. The great supporters of life. They have almost everything I don’t have, but the two most that stick out are:

A family.


A life

The second one startled me. I have a life, but not a worthwhile one. As for family… yeah, basically, no family at all.

I grabbed my cell from my bed and texted my friends on my cell. “Go meet me @ the H”

What was the H, you ask? The “H” was our hangout place, which was the clubhouse we made when we were little kids. Surprisingly, it’s still there, in good shape. It was basically a shed, which we thought was so dull, we putted color. We had signs and everything. But that was only when the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the birds were chirping.

I put my phone down, grabbed my jacket, grabbed my phone, putted it in my jacket pocket, grabbed the house keys, and got outside. I was running there (I’m a fast runner, you should see me sometime). I see I was already late because BD, SO, and FL were already there, before me.

“What took you so long?” Friendly grunted. At this point, she wasn’t as “friendly” as I thought. Despite her name, she is barely friendly, but she can be at occasions.

“My house is pretty far. I could’ve rode my bike, but I was too lazy,” I replied.

“Uh, Bony…” BD said.

“Yes, BD?”

“You don’t have a bike…”

GAH! She caught me in a lie. I stood there, speechless. Impressive.

“Ah, so lying then, huh?” FL glared at me, “we know you don’t have a bike, so you just use some excuse for you being late”

“But, well, uh-”

“Just tell us the truth. It wasn’t like it was a secret or anything,” FL shrugged.

Strange Owl sat there, quietly. She was pretty shy at times, but when she’s not, she’s pretty boppy and peppy and all that. The truth is, I don’t know how she and I became friends.

It was silent.





I look at my watch. 5:57 pm.

“So, anyone wanna go have dinner?” I ask.

“Sure,” BD answered

“I guess so,” FL answered

“No, I’ll go home,” Strange Owl said.

“Bye then,” I said


She was gone.

“Bananabees, on me. Then, if you guys want, we could go to coconut cafe. Sounds good?”

“I guess…” BD and FL said.

“Hold on… how are we going to get there?” FL asked, curious.

“We have that golf cart from last time,” I answered

“No, no, no, we’re not going to use that thing,” FL said, with a nervous feeling in the way she said “thing”.

“Yes, I agree. Last time we used it, we almost got a ticket. A ticket! We almost got arrested!” BD said, over exaggerating a bit.
“Oh, c’mon,” I said, “what will we use then as ‘transportation’ “
“Oh fine! We’ll use it then!” BD insist.
“You have got to be kidding me,” FL said, under her breath.
“I’ll drive!” I insist.
“No!” BD and FL said in unison.
We got on, fastening our seat belts, and BD was the one driving. Since they were in the Pop plaza, it took a while, 36 minutes to be exact, plus traffic. We finally got there.
“So hungry,” I said.
We came in. Lots of people were there, talking and such. I see two guys, one with this fancyish hair, and one with the “mop style” hairstyle. We sat down, and looked at the menu.
“Wow, BC, you took us to a very  fancy place,” FL said, impressed.
“Yep. The best I could do for all of us. You guys are the best,” I said
“But, isn’t it expensiv-“
“Who cares about the money?”
“Relax, I have enough to cover for all of us”
“I could pay when we get to the coconut-“
“Like I said, FL, I have enough” I assured her
“You sure?”
The waiter came near our table. He looked cute, with his mopish hair.
“Hi, I am Slippery Raptor, for waiter for today. What can I get for you?”
“Um, uh, you can get me the Chicken fingers with the fries please,” I stuttered, mostly. I blushed.
“I would like the cheese burger, with fries please,” Friendly said.
“And I would like to have the chicken garden salad please. I’m a vegetarian, by the way,” BD said. Is she trying to flirt with him?
He was writing our orders down on a piece of paper “Heh heh. Can I get anything else?” he asked, generously.
I was about to say “No, we’re good. Thanks for asking”, but FL stopped me.
“Nah, we’re good”
“Okay then. Comin’ right up”
He went back to the kitchen.
We were waiting for our orders. Finally, they came. We were eating our food. So delicious. We were done our food. We cleaned up after ourselves.
“Have a good day,” the hostess said.
“You too!” We said in unison. We then “drove” to Coconut Cafe, which was in Shark Tooth city. We were there in 10 minutes. We came in
the cafe. We found a table.
“So, what can I get for you guys?” The waitress asked.
“I would like to have a strawberry coolatta,” BD said, of course, with her obsession of coolattas.
“I would like a mango smoothie,” FL said.
“Blech!” I said, “mangoes”
“Shush!” FL said, with a glare.
I broke the chain of smoothies and fruit drinks “I would like to have a mint cookies and cream milkshake” that was my favorite flavor of milkshake.
“Blech!” FL said, “mint cookies and cream milkshakes”
“Can you not,” I said, with a glare.
“Hey, do it to me and I do it to you,” FL shrugged.
“Guys… can you stop?” BD asked, as if she was so sick of it.
“Fiiiine!” We both said in unison.
“Okay then, anything else? the waitress asked.
“Nope, that’s it” I said.
We were waiting for 10 minutes. We finally got our orders.
“There you go!” the waitress said.
We were drinking our delicious drinks, mine was probably so delicious, but that’s just my opinion.
We were done in 20 minutes. We grabbed our jackets, and went out. We heard a girl who looked our age with pink hair crying.
We went up to her “What’s the matter?”
“Our family is moving?”
“Moving where?”
“I don’t know. My parents said it was in a neighborhood, but I don’t know which one”
“Ohhh. I have a question”
“What’s your name?”
“What’s yours?” The girl asked.
We introduced ourselves “Oh, my name is Bony Catfish”
“Friendly Leopard”
“Brave Dolphin”
“So, what’s yours?” I asked
“Magic Fire. It’s so nice to meet you guys”

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