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Blog, WordPress, and Technology Questions

Can I be an author/editor on the Pop 411?

We appreciate your eagerness to help us, but we would prefer to choose for ourselves whether one is ready for a job with us. Like the PHB, we will decide ourselves based on your grammar/punctuation/spelling, how much you know about Poptropica, how active you are on the Poptropica 411 Blog, how friendly you are, etc.

Can I use some of your stuff on my website?

We worked hard to create our content (that includes everything from articles, tools, graphics, etc), and we do not want it stolen. Please, do not copy and paste directly from us without our permission – this is a serious offense called plagiarism.

If you wish to use anything, please ask first and give credit to the Poptropica 411 Blog clearly at the top and hyperlink to our site. However, it would be much more beneficial for a blog to have its own and original content.

Can you add ______ to your blog?

If you really want something added to the Pop 411, you can tell us in the Contact page. When prompted to choose a category, please choose ‘Suggestions’. Just note that this is not your blog and your request might or might not get approved.

Does any part of your blog cost money?

No. Poptropica 411 is a free site. Some things are only available to authors, but everything is free.

How do you get the Whos Amung Us for my blog?

You will need a certain code to make it work (not the regular one that’s default).

Just go to http://whos.amung.us/showcase/?htmlcode and pick your colors and copy the code to the sidebar.

Who are the authors on this blog, and how can I know them better?

You can learn more about them here, or you could look at the sidebar to see their latest posts.

There’s a new update on Poptropica!

Like the PHB, you can contact us about it, but it’s likely that we’re in the process of posting about it, or we won’t see your messages before posting the news. We’re capable of checking for updates, just as you can. However, if you know more info, we’ll give you credit where credit is due 😉

Why are there ads on the Poptropica 411 Blog?

We run ads to keep this site running, but please note that we have no control over what ads are shown or where they are placed. Yes, most of you would rant about this, but WordPress needs money and money is needed to run a business.

If you find them intrusive, you can use an ad blocker on your internet browser to prevent seeing them. Additionally, logged-in WordPress.com users will not be shown ads on our site.

Where do you get all those sneak peeks from?

Our sneak peeks are mostly from the official Poptropica Creators’ Blog. That’s the website the creators of Poptropica use to show us sneak peeks of upcoming islands and other cool stuff. You can also view special sneak peeks with the Daily Pop.

 What does RSS Feed mean and what does it do?

RSS is a technology that is being used by millions of web users around the world to keep track of their favorite websites.

Poptropica Related

How do I beat ____ Island?

Need help on an island? We have island guides for every island (with the exceptions of Episode 3 of MA and Episode 4 of Survival, as we are writing those). Please note that we only have WRITTEN guides, and not video guides. If you prefer video guides, go on YouTube and it’ll probably be there.

How do I get something someone else is wearing?

In the top right corner there is a green shirt. Click on it, then click the person with the outfit you want. Now you can customize almost anything that Poptropican is wearing (exceptions are things that care not customizable!

Why can’t I customize _____ off another Poptropican?

Some items that Poptropicans are wearing are not customizable. This is because they are store items, ad items, secret items, glitches, or something like that.

Why can’t I keep my prizes from ads?

Prizes from ads are  for a limited time. They disappear when the ad disappears, sorry.

If I forgot my username and password how do I get it back?

If you forget your username, probably not, so make sure you keep your details somewhere safe in case of emergencies or if you need it!

However, if you know your username and have an email address associated with your Poptropica account, you can type in your username, then click OK. It will prompt you about forgetting your password. You can then get your password reset through email.

Why doesn’t my account let me log in if everything is correct?

If you don’t play Poptropica for more than 6 months your account will be deleted.

What does “Free+” mean?

A card in the Poptropica Store that is marked “Free+” is available to Members and non-Members (no Credits needed). However, “Free+” contain elements that are open to Members only. For example, all players can get the “Legendary Swords” quest from the Store and play the first few levels, but only Members can proceed past a certain point.

What are the system requirements to play Poptropica?

It doesn’t matter what kind of computer it is, as long as it has access to the internet and and Adobe Flash Player.

Who made Poptropica?

Poptropica was made by Family Education Network and a man named Jeff Kinney. He also writes the book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

When was Poptropica made?

Poptropica was officially out in public in September 2007 and since then has become more and more POP-ular.

Does Poptropica cost money?

Poptropica is free, unless you want membership. With membership you can do/get exclusive things.

There’s something wrong with my Poptropica account!

We’re sorry, but because we are not the Poptropica Creators, there is nothing we can do to help since we cannot change the game itself. The best you could do is contact them. You can try contacting them through the link on the Poptropica homepage.

Is Poptropica appropriate?

Yes. Poptropica is an educational game and a school friendly game (and a fun game too!) meant for kids 5-15 years old and the only thing that could be bad is ads. Although even the ads are kid friendly!

Why does Poptropica have membership? How can I get membership for free?

Money is needed to support the website, and if they don’t earn that money, they may not be able to keep Poptropica running. (Think about it this way – It’s better to have membership in Poptropica than no Poptropica at all) Also, you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to, but you can still enjoy the game itself. You can’t get membership for free, unless someone else is nice enough to buy it for you (if that happens, be sure to thank them!).

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