Big Nate Island

Big Nate island is different than the others, it’s drawn in the style of Big Nate comic strips and books by Lincoln Pierce. Here’s the written walkthrough.

An example of how it’s drawn







Once you arrive at Big Nate Island, head to the right and go inside the Comic Book store (called Klassic Komix) and talk with the guy to the right in the tan shirt and blue jeans. He’ll tell you he needs help finding all the missing pieces of a comic. Go outside and walk to the left. Go into the Pop-In Shoppe. You’ll find one of the comic strip pieces on the couch on the top floor of the shop. Head outside and run to the right until you get to the photo store. Go inside and you’ll find another comic piece on top of one of the lights to the right. Head back outside and go a few steps to the right. Climb up the telephone pole to the top and you’ll find another piece of the comic. Go to the right until you arrive at the school. It looks pretty broken down and there’s a lot of unfinished construction going on. Go inside the school and walk up the stairs to the right. You’ll find another piece of the comic on one of the broken loudspeakers in the wall. Now go into the Science Lab and walk to the far left of the room.

You’ll see a model of the solar system suspended from the ceiling. There’s another piece of the comic up there. Grab it and leave the Science Lab. Go outside the school and then jump up the windowsills. You’ll see some scaffolding to the right and one of the comic pieces is sitting on top of a bile of bricks. Grab it and jump back down. Next, head right to the playground. Jump all the way up to the top of the playground structure and you’ll find a comic piece on the left side. It’s floating around a little bit in the air above the two green and yellow flags. Jump up and grab it. Then jump down off the playground structure. Go right and you’ll arrive in Puffin Point. There’s a lighthouse here. Jump all the way to the top of it and you’ll see another comic piece on the top of the pointed roof. While you’re up here, take a peek through the telescope next to the guy who is painting. Move the telescope to the right until you see a piece of paper trapped between some big rocks.

Big Nate Telescope

Now jump down on the left side of the lighthouse. As you fall, you’ll see a black and white photograph floating around. Try to grab it. If you miss, climb back up the lighthouse and try again until you get it. Now you have all the comic pieces. Click on the comic book item in your backpack and then re-arrange the pieces so that they all fit in the right order. You’ll see some writing on the edges, and that writing should end up in the middle. Once you’re done, you’ll see that the writing gives out a locker combination, which is 9305. Head back to the left and return to the Comic Shop. Go inside and click on the guy. He’ll be very happy that you found it and will give you some chewing gum as a gift. Leave the Comic shop and go inside the Photo shop again.
Talk to the guy on the left and offer to trade the old photograph for his Scuba Gear. Once you have it, leave the shop and head to the right. Go back to the school and go inside. Go into the Science Lab again. This time, click on the burner on top of the desk next to the test tubes. Turn the dial on the burner to 3. Now fill half the beaker with the blue liquid and then half with the yellow liquid. Once the beaker fills up, you’ll get a stink bomb! Walk outside the lab and go to the left where you’ll see a row of lockers. Click on the one with all the stuff sticking out of it and enter the locker combination from the writing on the comic: 9305.
When you open the lock, the locker explodes from all the stuff packed inside and you get knocked down. Walk back over to the locker and pick up the papers that are on the floor. It turns out they’re a school blueprint. Head outside of the science lab into the hallway below. You’ll see a sign that says, No Gum Chewing. Hey, we don’t play by the rules! Open your backpack and use the gum that the comic store guy gave to you. As soon as you blow a bubble, a woman will come out and send you into detention.


Use the stinkbomb in your backpack. The detention lady will leave the room because of the bad smell. When she’s gone, go over to the green filing cabinet on the right and click on it to reveal a secret ladder leading down. Click on the ladder to go inside. Climb down the ladder. It’s pretty dark, but there’s a power switch at the bottom of the ladder. Click on it to turn the lights on. Walk to the right and you’ll see a bronze thing hanging on a hook above the workbench. This is the bell clapper for the schoolbell. Grab it and then head back up the ladder. Go outside the school and run all the way to the lighthouse.

Walk out onto the dock and put on your Scuba gear. Then jump into the water and click when your cursor says Dive. You’ll be underwater and you have only a little bit of oxygen so you need to move really fast. Just swim all the way to the right and then go straight down. Pick up the lobster trap on the ocean floor and let your oxygen run out. You’ll re-appear at the start and then you just need to swim back up to the dock. When you’re there, give the trap to the sailor at the dock. He’ll give you the lobster that was inside and the keys to his jet ski. Climb back up the lighthouse and use the lobster on the light. It will act as a wrench and turn the light to face the school. This will scare the seagull who is there away. If you haven’t looked through the telescope next to the guy who is painting up here (see above) then look through it now and move it until you see the paper on the rocks.

Jump back down and get on the Jet Ski. Big Nate will jump on the other one and challenge you to a race. You need to beat him to the island. The best way to do this is to move as far to the right as possible so that you stay ahead of him and avoid the eggs that the seagull drops. Every few seconds, an obstacle such as a buoy will appear in the water and you’ll need to jump over it to avoid getting knocked down. Since you’re all the way on the right you won’t see the obstacles in time. Just jump up every few seconds and try to get the timing right. New objects in the water appear about every three seconds.





Once you beat Nate to the island, jump up on top of the rock and push the two seals over to the left side so that the rock tips up. Jump off and run down below the rock to the piece of paper and grab it. It’s a map to the time capsule! Now run to the school and jump all the way to the bell tower at the top. Open your backpack and use the bell clapper to replace it. This will ring the bell, which sends the girls in the playground back inside.

Now run back to the left to the playground and go inside the clubhouse at the top with the “Kids Only” sign. Once you’re inside, click on the piece of paper that says “Go to Jail.” This is a simple hangman game and Big Nate will challenge you to a game. Once you solve the word, he’ll give you some old peanut butter crackers as a prize. Leave the clubhouse and jump straight down. Go to the spot in the middle of the ground where the girls were standing. If you forget where that way, it’s the empty space between the two wooden boards in the middle of the structure. Open your backpack again and use the peanut butter crackers. This will summon the dog and he will dig right where you dropped the cracker. When he digs his hole, the time capsule appears!

Click on the time capsule and you’ll zoom on it. Click and drag it to lift it out of the hole, and then click on the yellow latch to open it. You’ll find a pearl inside the time capsule, which is worth enough money to save the school. A newspaper will appear with the story. Click on the close button and the detention lady arrives. She will give you the island medallion. Congratulations!


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