Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island

Getting the Golden Ticket
1. Talk to Charlie, who says he wants chocolate. He leaves.
2. Go left and click on the 1st telephone booth to the left. You get a coin.

Click on the booth with the cursor to get the coin.

3. You see Charlie leave his house. Follow him and go to the shop.
4. Give Charlie the coin, and he buys a chocolate bar. He is too nervous to open it, so use the mouse to peel down the wrapper for him.
5. Push the people so Charlie can get out the door, then do the mini-game, to help Charlie avoid the mob of people. Click on the boxes to slow them down.
6. You see a 6th golden ticket come out of the factory. Chase and follow it left, climbing up the buildings.

In the Factory
1. You arrive just in time. Enter the factory doors. Talk to the people and wait, until Willy Wonka comes out. You can customize them if you want.
2. He talks to each person. As soon as you go in, everyone goes crazy. Willy Wonka asks you to get his cane for him.
3. Go left and pick up the cane. When you go right, everyone is gone.
4. Drop down to the right and click on the the selection for CHOCOLATE. Follow the hand above and drop in the direction it says. You do this for several turns until you arrive at the CHOCOLATE ROOM.

Augustus Gloop
1. Augustus Gloop has gone nuts and jumps into the river, and he is now in the tube. Now, you want to click on the green wheel next to you. He goes up – don’t worry, this is all part of your plan.
2. Climb up the pipes and keep on clicking the green wheels until he has gone all the way into the FUDGE ROOM. Augustus’ mom and some Oompa-Loompas follow him. Enter the fudge room.
3. Now, here’s the part that takes a little patience and several tries. Come back to here if you have to restart. First, click the green wheel next to the tank Augustus is in. He falls onto the conveyor belt.
4. Jump left to the platform and click on the green button. This stops the smasher from smashing him.
5. Now follow him through the tubes until he gets to a place – and he’s about to go through fire! We can stop that. First, click the blue fire button, then quickly jump to the platform right above and to the right of the fire machine. Click the red button and the fire becomes small.
6. Now jump down to the last level. Click the orange button and quickly alternate between the fires so Augustus gets out safely. Don’t forget to press it for the last time when he is just coming out! You have saved him!
7. Exit and and this time click on the TV ROOM. Like last time, follow the hands.

Mike Teavee
1. When you get to the room, Willy Wonka has just teleported the chocolate bar and Mike jumps in too. Run left to the Oompa Loompa watching TV. The signal isn’t working.
2. Jump on top of the TV and drag the antennas so that they look like this:

You now have a clear signal of Mike. An Oompa-Loompa comes and tells him to leave. Now enter the BUBBLEGUM ROOM.

3. In the Bubblegum Room, you’ll see Mike hung up because he is tiny. Talk to the Oompa-Loompa and he explains they are trying to stretch him. Might as well give it a try! Click on the monitor to save Mike.
4. Now comes the annoying part. You have to stretch Mike to normal Poptropican size, which it shows you. Try to stretch somewhere in the middle, and he slightly shrinks each time, so keep on stretching until you get it right.
5. Now exit and go back to the hallways. This time click on the INVENTING ROOM and enter once you get there.

Violet Beauregarde
1. There is a giant gumball machine, and Violet is REALLY excited. Step on the yellow button right below the gumball machine to make a gumball come out, and Violet immediately starts chewing it. This turns her into a giant blueberry! Enter the Juicing Room to save her.
2. Now you have to save Violet. Click on the machine so all of the fruits go to the right place to juice her. Move the blocks so it looks like this:

3. Congratulations! You saved her! Now exit and this time go to the NUT ROOM.

Veruca Salt
1. Veruca is here now, begging her dad for a squirrel. Oops! The squirrels grab both of the bad nuts and dump them down the incinerator. Oh well… looks like you’ll have to save them. Although you’re a good nut, you jump into the incinerator.
2. You’ll have to act fast to save them. Here are the steps:

– Jump up and right to the gum disposal. Pull the chain to the right of it and a gumball comes out. Push it right into the fan.
– Pull the chain again and pick up another gumball. Push this one in front of the squirrel doorway to the right. Now jump over the gumball and pull the incinerator switch.
– Now jump to the bottom left corner, where there is another incinerator switch and a trash can. Push the trash can in front of the squirrel doorway to the left and pull the incinerator switch.
– Jump up and to the right, where a squirrel is powering the incinerator with a wheel. Use the walnut to lure the squirrel so he stops. Yay! You saved Veruca and her dad.
3. Before you leave, pick up the fizzy lifting drink and whipped cream. The exit is right to the left of the wheel. Drink the fizzy lifting drink and lift up into the exit.

Saving Charlie
1. In the hallways, go back to the CHOCOLATE ROOM. Willy Wonka and Charlie are standing there and Willy Wonka says that he will give one of you the keys to the factory. Then… oops! Charlie falls into the river! I don’t remember this part…
2. Talk to Willy Wonka, and you can either save him or take the keys. I challenge you to take the keys and see what happens… 🙂
3. Save Charlie (which is the choice you end up doing) and you start a minigame to save Charlie. Draw lines across the screen in whipped cream and jump to avoid falling in the river. The whipped cream falls after awhile, so you can’t move too slowly. You have to avoid a few obstacles such as tree trunks, and the fastest way to get to Charlie is draw lines that are spaced so you can jump but not too riskily. You move faster that way.
4. Once you get to the end, you use Willy Wonka’s stick to help Charlie up. As a reward for all your help, Willy Wonka gives Charlie the keys to the factory and for you – a lifetime supply of chocolate, and invite to visit the factory whenever you want, and – of course – your ISLAND MEDALLION!!!!


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