Early Poptropica Island

In-Depth Walkthrough

Head to the right the moment you land. You’ll soon see a pixel man that looks weird. Oh, and by the way, here’s the map for Early Poptropica.

So go right until you reach the Early Poptropica village. If you talk to the pixel men, you’ll find out that three of their treasured items have been stolen. Go down the rope of the well.

Keep jumping towards the platforms in the left. Once you reach the upper-left, you should be able to find a glow stick. Grab it.

Make your way back to the right, and climb back up the rope. Once you’re out of the well, run back to the Main Street. You should find a manhole near the fire hydrant.

Go in the manhole. You’ll find yourself in some sort of cave filled with spiders. Do your best to avoid the spiders as they slow you down. Drop down to the right and you’ll find a pixel pig. Take it. and suddenly… AAGH! A child of Aragog swoops down on you! Sorry, Aragog is from HP series. Let’s continue. The Acromantula won’t hurt you, don’t worry, except for tossing you in the air, yelling like a wounded dog. I’m joking, I’m joking! You’ll just get tossed in the air. So make your way to the left and avoid the crazy Acromantula. You’ll find a tunnel at the left part. I know this sounds crazy, but you have to go in it.

Aw, man! Why does the arrow have to steal the spotlight? Well, let’s move on. The moment you appear in the tunnel, you’ll automatically be holding the glow stick you got from the well. And big surprise, the tunnel turns out to be a maze -_- Don’t worry, it isn’t a big maze. Run to the left and climb up to the first rope you see. Jump off the rope to the right and keep running. You’ll see another rope pretty soon, ignore it. When you reach the wall, there will be another rope. This time climb up. Jump off the rope towards the left and run again. You’ll find another rope, climb up and jump off towards the left. You’ll find theGolden Egg. Take it, and leave.

Short Cut

There are two ways to exit the tunnel. The short one is to retrace your steps back down and exit through the manhole you came from. Then run to the left until you reach Poptropica Towers.

Long Cut

The other way is to resurface in the Poptropica Towers manhole. Here it goes *sigh*

Jump to the right after claiming the Golden Egg. Continue to run to the right. When you reach the wall, climb up on the rope and jump off to the left. Run again until you reach another rope. Climb up as usual. Jump off to the left. Run again. Ignore the first rope you see and don’t stop running and jumping until you get to the left wall. Climb up the rope again. Jump off to the right. You’ll eventually see another rope and climb on it. This time your arrow will say Go Up. Click and then, voila. Welcome to Poptropica Towers.

To new players, it might seems crazy to jump on the windowsills of the building and climb up. However, you really gotta do it here. Jump up the windowsills AND the clothing lines until you reach a blue building. Climb up the windowsills on the veeery tall blue building until you reach the top. You’ll see a vine that acts as a rope and you’ll think, “Haven’t I seen enough ropes for today?” Climb up..

(Extra: When you see the yellow and orange flower on one of the windowsills on the green building, hover your cursor around the window and click when your cursor changes. You’ll get a free Hypnotic Costume! Isn’t that sweet?)

After you climb up the vine, you’ll find yourself on the Cloud Realms. Run to the right until you see a giant club blocking your way. HUH?! A GIANT CLUB?! RUN FOR YOUR POPTROPICAN’S LIFE! Okay okay, I’m getting to it! Click the giant purple feet next to it. Hold your horses! PURPLE FEET?! Okay, calm down, Red Leopard. It’s just the Purple Giant who guards the Cloud Realms. The Golden Egg will be removed from your inventory and given to the giant. WHAT?! I spent time just to find that egg and I’m just going to give it away?! Chill. The out-of-this-world’s purple giant will say

Because you give that which I seek

I lift my club and you may proceed.

Or something like that I forgot the rest of the lines. Well, the giant lifts the club and you run to the right. Keep running until you’re in a garden with GIANT veggies. Climb up the rake and onto the plant and drop down. You’ll see a pixel bucket and you grab it. Continue to the right. This time you’re in an UFO Graveyard. Seriously, get real -_- Float along with the help of whirring machines and you’ll soon find a Jet Pack.

Automatically put it on the moment you get it. Oh well, go all the way back to Poptropica Towers and back to Main Street. Using your jet pack, fly up to the water tower and what do you see? A pixel flag. Of all the stupid places, it ended up HERE?! Never mind the word ‘stupid’. Grab the pixel flag and fly or run to the right to Early Poptropica village. Return the pig to the pixel man standing near a pigpen. Return the water bucket to the pixel man near the well. The Well pixel man tells you that they raise their WATER glasses to you. Of all the corniest jokes -_- Return the flag to the pixel man on top of the signal tower. You can return the items by talking to the men one at a time. After you give the signal flag, a ship will appear next to the dock by the signal tower. Talk to the pixel man on the ship and he’ll give you your 50 Poptropica credits to spend in the Poptropica store and the Early Poptropica Island Medallion. Congratulations,you just completed Early Poptropica Island! Shark Tooth Island Walkthrough is coming soon!


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