Game Show Island

Game Show island is an amazingly entertaining Island! You’ll have to become a game Show Champion but it won’t be easy. Make sure you check this written walkthrough if you get stuck!

Game Show Island Written Walkthrough

Once you arrive at the island, run all the way to the last building on the left. Keep Jumping up until you reach the roof. There you’ll find a tooklit, your first inventory item. Now head back down and go left. Keep walking left until you reach a factory. Go inside.Make your way up by jumping on the crane and controlling it by choosing up or down. When you reach the first stop, go left and you’ll find a computer. Click on it.








Now head back to the crane and go up to the right. Now use your tooklit to open the Main Power Box. You’ll have to turn the screwdriver to open it. Once you’ve done it, you’ll automatically go down. The worker will thank you and give you a fan. Now go outside the factory and walk back to Main Street. Walk all the way to the right until you reach Club Nouveau Riche. Go inside. Walk all the way to the right until you find the club owner.






Use the fan to help the owner cool down. He’ll then give you a nickle. Now head back outside and back to the left. Go all the way left past the factory and you’ll find a man. Give him the nickle and he’ll give you heat vision goggles. Awesome! Now head back to the club. Once you enter, put on the goggles. Search for the inventor. You’ll find him in the top left corner. He’ll go up the vent shaft. You won’t be able to go through the shaft but there’s a window outside. So now go outside and try to reach the window on the right with the fan. It’s pretty hard. Once you make it, use your tooklit to open it. Now enter.

Now go up to the top platform and push the thingy ( don’t know what it’s called).  You’ll then be able to pass. Now walk all the way to the right and climb up the rope. Up the stairs and you’ll find a door. Use your goggles and writ the code which is: 2014. You’ll then meet the inventor and he’ll tell you his story. He will also give you a Jet Remote Control. Use the remote control and get into the jet plane! Let the game shows begin…

We’ll first be going to Istanbul. Head all the way to the right and you’ll find a construction site. Talk to the man there and you’ll play a mini game. To win, you have to move the tower or whatever it’s called to the last stand. It’s pretty simple. After you win, the man will give you a tcket to the Scaredy Pants Competition! 😀

Once you get to the show, you’ll play different games. the first one is that you have to get through this sea water maze to reach a glow stick in the far bottom-right corner, then head back to the start. Just make sure you don’t bump into any of those nasty fish down there. The second game is very easy, but sort of gross. You just pick up anything from the pile of insects under you and put it where it belongs. The third one is very hard. You have to keep your balance on the tight rope without using more than 5 tries! And Congratulations you are the New Scaredy pants Champion! Next up, Miami!

Walk to the right and you’ll find two robots fighting. in the next mini game, you’ll need to tilt the window sills to get three of the prizes down safely but if you drop one, you’ll have to start all over again. It’s probably gonna take a while but once you’ve done it you’ll get your next ticket!

At the show, you will have to fill in the letters to make the word they are giving you in the clue. The idea is simple but the game lasts rather long. Once your done with three rounds… Congratulations! You’re the new Spin For Riches Champion. N ext, we’re off to Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires
Once you arrive, drop down and go to the left until you reach a huge golden robot. Click on a weird golden circle (check the picture) and you’ll play a mini game where you have to click on the rings to turn them and make them all on one straight line. Congratulations, you have your ticket to Kerplunk.

At the show, you will have three courses. The first one is quite easy (except for the boots). The second one is much easier. And as for the last round, You just keep jumping up and you will eventually get to the top. And Congratulations You are Kerplunk’s next Champion! Let’s go to Moscow

Head left and you’ll find a slim robot that’s flashing with lights. Talk to him and you’ll play a mini game. In this game, you’ll have to guess the color code so you can get the ticket to Brainiacs. To get the ticket go all the way to the top and you’ll find a robot outside the helicoper, he’ll give you the ticket.

At the show, it’s exactly the same is Money Ladder but you get to choose the questions. In the final question you get to choose a wager to bet on and if your answer is right then CONGRATULATIONS! Let’s go to our final destination, Tokyo.

Go right and you’ll find a door saying ‘Service Entrance’. Go inside and click on the pieces to make a complete path. You’ll play a few rounds then you’ll win. You’ll then get the ticket to Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge.

At the challenge, you’ll get dressed in some hilarious costumes and play the wackiest games EVER! They’re actually quite funny and once you’ve won, exit and use the Jet to return back to main street.

Back to Main Street
If you’ve payed attention to the screen on the jet, you’ll find a message from the inventor. Well, once you arrive, Holmes will be speaking saying that they should catch you. The inventor is hiding underground so jump down quickly and go inside.

Go right and you’ll find a giant computer.Use it and a game will come out. Your goal is to connect the pipes by moving the pieces only one space. It’s not as easy as it sounds AT ALL! Then, the Police robot will come in so you’ll have to work faster. You’ll play this game for about five times until you reach the final room that has Holmes in it. Simply Just march up to him and use the thumb drive and Holmes will go back to peace. The inventor will then come in and give you your medal. Congratulations!



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