Haunted House

NOTE: This isn’t an island. It’s a MINIGAME, but I decided to write this because I feel bored.

You can get this mini-game in the store for free, and when you finish you get a card that is a “Zombify” plus 50 credits. You also have access to a whole bunch of good costumes which are especially good for Halloween. This only takes a few minutes to complete so it is definitely worth it.

1. Enter the Haunted House. Go left and climb up the house. Jump and get the key from the bat flying around.
2. Go down and use the key to enter the trapdoor on the left. Go down the stairs.
3. Click the pipes so they match up, and the boiler will start giving off a stream of air. Float up it to the shelf and pick up the bottle with the skull on it.
4. Go up the stairs using the door at the right.
5. Go up the stairs and jump on top of the suit of armor holding the ax. It will fall. Pick it up.
6. Go back down to the main level, where the ghost cat is. Open the freezer and use the ax to chip out the ice.
7. Go back up the stairs into the upper right bedroom. Click on the spider on the floor and it will drop down. Go to the level below where you were. The witch in the painting has dropped her broom, and it will now follow you.
8. Go back up to the bedroom, where there is a hole on the ceiling. Ride the broomstick up.
9. Click on the chest, left. The skull lock goes left, right, left, down, up, down. You want to the opposite, so drag it UP, DOWN, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, and it will open. Get the goblet that comes out of the chest and jump down the hole to leave the room.
10. Now go to the bedroom on the left. Click on the ringing telephone. Then click on the 2 clocks. Your goal is to make them hit midnight at the same time. When you hover over one, it speeds up, and a skull pops out when it hits midnight. Do this, and make sure when the clocks are lined up you hover the mouse in the middle so you don’t accidentally speed one up.
11. When both skulls pop up at the same time, a lantern appears in the fireplace. Pick it up. You now need kerosene for it.
12. Go down the stairs the way you came. Right beneath the stairs to exit, there is a barrel of kerosene. Pick it up.
13. Now go back up and talk to the ghost cat. He says to “bring the treasures to where the cherub cries”.
14. Exit the way you came.
15. Go to the angel statue. There is now a hole in the ground. The monsters are happy you brought punch for their party and light. Click on the “Zombify” card to get it, and there are some good costumes you can copy. YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE MINI-GAME!


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