Lunar Colony

Lunar Colony Walkthrough

When you land, go to the right. Go inside the first building you see. Talk to the people inside. After everything happens, go outside and go back to the left. Pick up the bottle of Ginger Ale on the table. Take it back to the right, but don’t go inside. Instead, go to the right more. You will see the launch pad. Use the elevator and enter the space rocket. Give the sickly Poptropican the Ginger Ale. He’s nervous because he’s never been to space before and tricks you into going instead. The rocket starts shaking. Click on the headset to hear a message from Director Slayton, then click on the chair to strap yourself in for the trip. Slayton tells you that your mission on the moon is to find the missing astronaut scientist Salerno.

Watch out for asteroids! Use your mouse to avoid the incoming asteroids. Don’t worry if you get hit once, the ship has to be damaged for the next part. Moving the mouse to the left will slow you down, making the asteroids easier to dodge.

Once you get through, Slayton will tell you that the ship’s been damaged and you need to fix it. Use your mouse to float towards the back of the top of the shuttle to where it says “toolkit”. Click on that and then click on the toolkit to grab it. Now go back to the front of the shuttle and maneuver underneath it until you reach the damage. Click on the damage. You’ll see a close up of the damage. Hold your mouse button down to “spray” and go back and forth across the gap until you’ve closed it up. Slayton will now tell you that he’s going to put the shuttle on auto-pilot to reach the moon.

As you get close to the moon’s surface, Slayton tells you that you have to safely land the lander on the landing pad. Hold the mouse button down to fire the booster rockets, use the mouse to rotate the lander left or right. It’s easy to overshoot by firing the rockets too hard. The trick is to only fire the rockets a little each time and to try to stay inside the glowing column as you land.

When you land correctly, you’ll be on the moon. Congratulations! Notice your blimp is here now, too. You can travel to other islands while you’re still trying to complete this one.

Go right through the airlock. From this base, you can access two areas: the Vehicle Bay and the Crew Barracks. First, enter the Vehicle Bay. Jump up to the lockers in the middle section of the room. The lockers on the left have a space. Click on the space to get the OPERATOR’S MANUAL. Go into your backpack and check out the MANUAL. As you can see, it’s got command words associated with four symbols. Close it, then jump down and go to the far left of the room where you find out that the door is jammed. You can’t go out in the Lunar Rover until you can get these doors open.

Go back out of the Vehicle Bay and enter the Crew Barracks. Go to the right until you find the ladder and jump up to the top of the room. Head left until you find the computer. Click on the computer. There are two options: Email and Facilities Control. For story, click on email and read through the messages from Dr. Salerno to the Director of the Poptropica Space Agency. (It looks like Dr. Salerno thinks she found evidence of alien life!) Exit that and click on Facilities Control. It asks you for a password, which you don’t have. But you do have the OPERATOR’S MANUAL. For fun, you can type in the symbols associated with the other command words to see how the computer responds. But the one you’re looking for are the symbols for the command word “reboot”.

Now that you’ve overridden the password, use the lever on the left of the screen to raise the jammed vehicle bay door. Exit, and head back right. Click on the map to get a sense of where things are on the lunar surface (and to see that Salerno was obsessed with finding “number 4”) and to have Slayton give you a crucial piece of information: Salerno has a tracking device on her. You need to find the LOCATOR DEVICE in one of the lunar facilities.

Go down a level and head left to find bed #8. Click on the open locker to get the PHOTO ALBUM. Click on the notebook on the bed to get the NOTEBOOK. Open your backpack and look at both of them for more story. You’ll see that Salerno is really obsessed with finding number 4! Head back to the Vehicle Bay.

Now that you’ve got the Bay doors open, you need to charge the rover. Jump up to the upper right part of the room and click on the panel. That will open the ceiling and let sunlight in. Notice that the light is reflecting off of one of curved mirror. Use your mouse to angle the mirror down until the sunlight is hitting the reflector below you. Now angle that reflector so that the sunlight is shining across the middle of the room to the reflector on the far left. Jump down to the rover and angle the far left reflector so that the sunlight is hitting the reflector on the rover. Ta-da, you’re charging the lunar rover! Jump in the rover and you’ll head out onto the moon’s surface.

The first thing you should do is find the three alien rocks. Like with the sailing on Skullduggery Island and the horse riding on Wild West, you’ll drive your rover around the surface using an overhead map. From the base, head down and to the right until you find the first alien rock. Click on it to “examine”. There’s nothing to do at this point, other than to just check out the monolith. Get back in your rover and head left on the map. You’ll probably bump into the Bio-Dome, but don’t go there yet. At the bottom left of the map is another alien artifact. Examine it, then jump back into your rover again. Now head straight up and right across the moon map. You should find the third alien monolith here, near the Research Laboratory. Once you’ve found the third alien rock, enter the Research Lab.

There is a meteor blocking the entrance to the lab. Click on the winch (the hook) on your lunar rover, walk a little to the left, then click on the meteor. Your rover will automatically drag the meteor out of the way. Enter the lab.

Head left until you find the computer. Click on the computer to find two files with two important pieces of information: you need purple eyes to pass the retina scanners and exposing subjects to different air pressure changes the shapes of their bodies. To the left of the computer is the entrance to the Infirmary, but there are two crates blocking your way. Only someone who was really short could fit through the gap at the top of the crates. Hmmm…

From here, jump up to the right where the Eye Color Changing Station is. Change your eye color to purple (the bottom color). Then maneuver to the top middle of the room where the Pressure Chamber is. Click on the HIGH lever. This will alter your body so that you’re short and thin. Quickly drop back down to the bottom level and head left to the crates that are blocking the entrance to the Infirmary. Now that you’re short and thin, you can jump through the gap. It’s probably easiest to jump through from the table and not from the ground. Once you’re through, enter the Infirmary.

Slayton tells you that you need to find the LOCATOR DEVICE somewhere in this room. Notice, though, that the gravity is wacky in this room and it spins as you walk. Head left until you find the Medi-Hose. Click on the hose. Now you’ll need to navigate your way to the room that has the open valve. The hose can only stretch so far, so you need to jump through the rooms in the right sequence. See the two purple barriers above you? Those are doors that you can jump through. Start by jumping up into the first chamber, directly over the Medi-Hose station. Then follow this pattern through the chambers:

Jump up to the left
Jump up left again through the door in the ceiling into a chamber with a trash panel
Jump up right through the door in the ceiling into a room with a medical cross in the middle
walk along the chamber to the right and go through the door
walk along the chamber to the right into another room with a trash panel
drop down into the room with the leaking valve
Click on the valve or pipe and the LOCATOR DEVICE will drop out of the air vent. Go left and click on the Bio-Waste panel to exit.

Exit the Research Lab and head back out to the Moon Map. From here, head to the Bio-Dome in the lower left of the map.

The Dome doesn’t have any gravity, so you’ll need to “swim” through it. First, go to the far right where you should click on the Emergency Cork Dispenser. Click on the cork that comes out to grab it. With the cork, float up to the first nozzle and click on it. You’ve plugged the nozzle. Go back and get another cork and then head left through the middle of the room from the first nozzle. Keep plugging nozzles and getting more corks until you’ve worked your way from the middle of the room, up the left-hand side and to the top of the room. With the topmost nozzle plugged, climb up.

You’ll find Salerno hiding behind a net at the top right of the room. She tells you that she needs a GEIGER COUNTER to find the last alien monolith. Then she escapes! Before you head back down, go to the far right and pick up her KEY CARD. Now head back down to the Dome, float down along the right-hand wall and back out.

When you exit the Dome, you’ll automatically chase after Salerno in her rover. Sit back and enjoy the brief chase scene.

You’ve chased Salerno to the Rock Laboratory. In order to enter, you need to get by the eye scanner. Click on the scanner and be happy that you’ve got purple eyes!

The rock lab has conveyor belts that you can use to maneuver down, across the room, and back up to the upper right where Salerno has escaped to the Rock Lab Vehicle Bay. Each conveyor belt has two panels. The top panel raises or lowers the belt. The bottom panel changes the belts direction from left to right or vice versa. Use the belts to get to the top right of the room to exit.

Located around the room are pieces of machinery covered in tarps. Clicking on a tarp uncovers the machinery. The GEIGER COUNTER is located in the upper left of the room. After you’ve uncovered it, jump to the center of the room and click on one of the long bars. The bar will fall to the left, making a ramp that you can then push the GEIGER COUNTER down towards the lunar rover at the bottom. (Slayton has conveniently brought you your rover.) Jump in your rover.

From the Rock Lab, head towards the Bio-Dome. You’re looking for a glowing purple “X” on the ground. It’s near a radar dish and a meteor, on the left-hand side of the moon map between the Rock Lab and the Dome. Click on the “X”.

You need to raise the sunken monolith. Click on the winch on the back of the rover, then click on the monolith. You’ve done it! Now jump back in your rover and follow the purple beam that’s shooting out of the top, until you reach the point where the purple beam and the red beam meet. Click “Examine”.

Salerno will meet you and begin digging. The ground breaks away and you both fall into the underground alien base. You’re almost there! Head right and Salerno will follow you. See the pictures in the background? The alien rocks have been here a long time. Keep walking right until you reach the alien symbol room. Salerno will tell you to throw the switch at the far right. Go click on the strange hand print at the right of the room.

Then…well, you’ll just have to see what happens next! Congratulations, you’ve solved Lunar Colony!


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