Mission Atlantis

Episode 1: Into the Deep

Mission Atlantis Island Guide (Episode 1: Into the Deep) written by Scary Plug and credit to the PWSP.

Obviously, go to Mission Atlantis if you’re not there yet. You’ll see the fish murdererguy from the Mission Atlantis Info Page, Cam Jameson. He’s shooting a TV series called Reality TV: Underwater Edition. Nah, jk xP . But anyway, he needs your help.

Start the quest and talk to him. He’ll give you an X-file a bunch of Sea Creature Files.

He will also tell you to get the key to the submarine. Find this guy and talk to him:

He has the key, but he won’t give it to you. Jump up and click on the bucket on the platform. The water inside will fall onto the bearded dude.

The dude will yell at you, but don’t worry because you got a free souvenir, the bucket. Now it’s empty. Jump off the boat and meet a new friend, Squidy.

Click on him to get a bucketload of ink.

Now get onto the platform where you’ve found the bucket. Use the bucket of ink and you will ‘accidentally’ knock it down, causing the ink to pour onto beard dude’s head.

He’ll drop the key, so pick it up.

Hey there! Is that a new toupee?

Give the key to Camel Dude. Then jump on the crate and click on the padlock. It should reveal a weird-looking submarine. Click on it to go on a new and exciting adventure…

You’re now underwater! Great. Now your task is to film five different sea creatures. Continue reading.

Sea Dragon

First of, you need to film a sea dragon. It looks like a seahorse, but it’s leafy and it doesn’t have a curled tail. Here’s how it looks like:

Locate it and click on it to take a video. Make sure it’s in front of you.


Dive in deeper and go to the next area. Find the barreleye; it’s in the stony ‘tunnel’ on the left. 😛 It looks like this (squared):

Unfortunately, the stony wall blocks the fish from the camera lens, sooo you need to let the fish out of the ‘tunnel’. Click on the what-do-you-call-them that look like anthills and are blowing out bubbles.

An example

And let the fish out from the ‘tunnel’, like this:

“WHO LET THE FISH OUT?!” “Me, sir!”

Click on it to film it. Then say farewell. Nawh, you not gonna die, dawg!


Go to the right and you should see a couple of cuttlefish. Some are red and some are purple. You need to film one of the purple cuttlefish. Unfortunately, it’s hiding in a purple coral, so its color blends in with the coral’s color, making the sea creature hard to see. What you need to do now is scare ALL of the cuttlefish so that they go hide in another coral. When the purple cuttlefish hides in the red coral, film it by clicking on it.

Stone Fish

Move to the left a bit and you should see a stone fish, hiding.

It’s really shy, so to lure it out of its hiding spot is to hide in the corals next to it.

Wait for it to come out and click on it to film it.

Angler fish

Go to the place where the Barreleye was located. Then go to the left to the next area (follow the arrow).

Locate the angler fish (y’know, the scary creature in Finding Nemo); it’s hiding in its cave. It won’t come out unless you bait it with food.

Find some red fish to feed it. They are in different locations and look like this:

You must gather at least 4 red fish to bait the angler fish. Once you’ve done that, return to the angler fish’s cave and let it come out and eat the red fish. While it’s eating, film it. Now that you’ve filmed all of the sea creatures, go back up.


You will see a hydromedusa, and Cam will tell you to film it, because it’s super rare. (Film it yourself, Cammy! Kay fine whatever. As soon as I arrive give my paycheck.) Follow it wherever it goes.

When it stops click on it to film it. But then, somehow, dozens of hydromedusas will come near you and electrocute you! 😮 Yikes! Luckily, you’re in your submarine, so it won’t affect you, but it will affect your sub…

Your sub will sink (you too) to the bottom of the ocean, and you can’t go up, because your sub has been knocked out, so it can’t work properly. In other words, you’re stuck. Now now, don’t yell “IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” just yet, because it’s not. The good thing is, you get to see the beautiful scenery of Atlantis. Wait, what? 😕

Plus, you’ll get a medallion! What’s the worst thing that could happen anyway? 😛

Congratulations for completing episode 1 of Mission Atlantis! 😀

Episode 2: Fortress of the Deep

Written by Scary Plug. Special thanks to Cidkis and PWSP.

When you first arrive at Mission Atlantis, you will start at the place you stopped in the previous episode.

Wait for the cutscene to finish its cutscene-ing, then continue to the right. Break the purple glass wall that’s blocking your way and take a snapshot of the glyph near it.

Continue to the right and you should see this huge circular door that has three symbols on it – one is a shark, one is a jellyfish and the other one is a puffer fish. Go up to the next area.

You should arrive in a creepy, dark place. Go up and you should see some purple glass walls. Break them, then go inside the walled of area and ‘hook up’ the teeny-weeny fishies (in other words, go near them till they follow you around). If you see puzzle pieces, pick them up (there are two you need to collect in this area)!

‘Hook up’ at least 4 fishies, then go up to the place where you found the second puzzle piece. Swim to the left and break the purple glass wall, and a surprise awaits you…

ERMAHGERD!!! Now RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Let the shark eat the fishies (sowwy fishies :c ), but don’t let it eat YOU! Run till you reach this red thingy at the bottom of the area and it should trap the shark. Hooray! You’re safe! ;] Unfortunately the fishies aren’t. 😦

Now don’t feel guilty about your actions, betrayer. Focus on what’s important – like finishing the island.

To be continued…


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